Huge Appology. We have been so carried away with all our classes that we have neglected to officialy announce our awesome competition winner Ashleigh Hage!

So firstly I would like to properly introduce Ash to you all. As you may already know Ash is the winner of Func’s Change your life competition. She has won the chance to train for a whole year at Func and receive our ongoing support to ensure she gets back on track and reaches her goals. I would also like to add that since winning the comp  Ash has entered the 5k Colour Run in April and has added herself into Func’s Team in the 21k Tough Mudder event in Aug. ( Tough Mudder Func’ers..! )

How’s that for smashing out some hairy scary goals?!!

There have been so many inspiring moment’s over the last month with Ash’s progress so stay tuned, she will be updating us all every month

Thank you again Ash for sharing your journey with us and here’s to  great things in the future….


My name is Ashleigh, 22 years old, and I am the winner of Func’s change your life competition. I entered the competition one night after my first ever class with Func, it was TRX. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done (I was yet to experience Zuu!) but in saying that I absolutely loved it. I had been on a mission from the start of the year to lose weight, get fit and just be happy with myself and the way I look and saw this competition as a great opportunity to achieve these goals. The morning I received the phone call saying I had won I was the happiest girl in the world! Being that one step closer to being a better me and having each of the fantastic trainers by my side every step was like a dream come true and I can’t thank them enough. Since my first training session 3 weeks ago I have lost 6 kg and I couldn’t be happier. But I have a long way to go, I hope to eventually loose 33kg to reach a healthy weight of 68kg. The past three weeks haven’t been easy, there have been times where I can’t walk let alone sit on the toilet but I know it will all be worth it in the end when I can go shopping and walk into a shop and buy all the pretty little dresses I want without worrying if they will fit me or not!




Any support you have for Ash please let her know by leaving your comment’s below…