In the last couple months since my last post, there have been a few ups and downs. I had a bio scan 4 weeks after my previous one and had only lost 1kg on the scales. (My previous weight loss was 6kg)

It said I had lost fat and gained muscle but it still left me feeling a little flat and unmotivated. This was until the Func Seminar on how to change your body into a fat burning machine. It really opened my eyes to the way the body works. The very next day my motivation was at its peak! I will admit it has gone down a bit since then but that’s due to the fact the Uni has engulfed my life and I’m just feeling exhausted. I think the few days off over Easter was well needed and it has reignited my motivation or I’ve just realised I need to burn off those Easter eggs and the food consumed from our family lunch.


The comments that came from the family that I haven’t seen in ages were encouraging. It’s weird to hear them say I have lost weight, I just don’t see it because I look at myself every day. One of my friends that’s come down for a holiday and I haven’t seen in months, and she couldn’t believe how my body had changed, which made me want to keep going and I Can’t wait for a few more months to go by and see how it keeps changing.


Its funny how my whole mind set has changed, every chance I get I exercise now. I was never the girl who opted to go for a run or a walk when hanging out with friends… I was never the girl who ran at all! Now I’m running up hills and running for longer than I ever have before and finding it’s getting easier and easier…


The things now I need to concentrate on are my eating and get that under control once and for all and hopefully my mindset of food will finally change!

Any support you have for Ash please let her know by commenting below