Func Fitness is proud to be a supporting partner of the first ever downhill time trial trail race “Hellfire Hustle”, situated in the Gold Coast Hinterland on the 16th October 2016.

This extreme event will see some of the best runners and some of the not so good runners do battle to see who can get the the bottom of Hellfire pass in the fastest possible time.

The course is 3.2 kilometres in length with some hairy bends and steep downhill sections, that will surely cause some carnage and quad pain.

With a cash prize pool of $1000 up for grabs the competition should be strong.

If you think you have what it takes to get down hellfire as fast as possible then this is an event for you.

By the way their is a prize for the best stack.

Enter Here –  Hellfire Hustle Entry

Our head trainer and Func Fitness Co Founder Jaime Martin has been named in the top 10 personal trainers on the Gold Coast, and rightfully so, she lives and breaths fitness and practices what she preaches.

She has helped so many people not just physically but also mentally and emotionally, through her tireless work with clients on her self designed unique “Project You” programme and intensive 6 week project that can totally redefine the way people train, look at food as there friend, and to peel back all the stuff that is holding them back, if you want more information click on this link “Project you” and find out more.

Jaime is a big believer in only giving her clients and members what she has physically done herself and says if she cannot do something how can you teach someone else to do it.

If you would like to train with Jaime you can either come and join in as a member of Func Fitness and partake in our group training where most of the classes have been designed by Jaime or come and get some personal training from her or one of the trainers she mentors, just visit our memberships page to find out more!!

             5 benefits of Functional TrainingIMG_0010

  1. Functional training allows you to utilise more than one plane of movement, incorporating all more than one muscle group to complete most exercises, making your workout more efficienThis type of workout 
  2. IMG_1501Challenges you because a lot of the movements are unpredictable. You know the definition of insanity right? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you keep doing the same movements over and over again, your body will get used to it and you’ll hit a plateau. Plateaus are the worst.2015-08-27 06.17.30
  3. This style of training can be programmed to be beneficial for a specific sport that you are training for? Functional fitness training can enhance your skills in your chosen sport.DSC_0183
  4. Functional fitness training has massive core-strengthening benefits, because it engages the body’s core stabilising and balancing muscles. These types of exercises put less wear and tear on your muscles and joints, and help improve coordination, balance, and stability.pilates photo jaime and pete
  5. It’s fun, full body workout. There are so many different pieces of equipment to try out and experiment with. Variety!

At Func Fitness the majority of our classes cater for any person of any fitness level, from the elite sportsperson to the first timer, we can progress and regress any movement to allow everyone to feel safe and confident that they will benefit whilst being motivated by others within the group to achieve there goal whatever that may be. 

We make training fun and challenging and not a chore,  we have the best variety of classes available under one roof with our 7 different styles of classes, we cater for everyone and our classes wont bore you.

Check out our schedule at, and join the team working together for everyones goals.

Finding the runner in me!

Running 50km blog
The saying of “If your goal doesn’t scare you then it’s not big enough”

Determined to find out what makes runners tick and find the runners high ……….
Im on the hunt for a 50km trail run !
Why trail I find it more challenging mentally as I can’t switch off its more then left foot right foot I like the hills well some of them not necessarily whilst trying to run walk them but it is an achievement right there in that moment when you reach the top!
There is something about being in the wilderness a sense of adventure and the thought of maybe getting lost the dirt mud water crossings and natures creature that makes it a thrill compared to road run!

So with a goal to chase not being a great at running it’s something I don’t enjoy and it I don’t get that feeling of waking wanting to go for run, but yes when I do hit the road, pavement and particularly the trails I have do get moments of why people love it ! I just don’t love love it , I do how’re understand the mental aspect of it and this part I do enjoy particular running alone.

I believe anyone can run slow or fast it doesn’t matter yes some are probably more designed to run then others, and simply others have a greater love and passion for it then I do. Running is hard for me hips, knees, calfs feet etc !!! So in the quest for a 50km trail run I’m determined to work thru my weakness to learn more about the human body as it pushed !

Well that was the lead up to my goal today which I believe I smashed it 9minutes ahead of my 2nd goal! 51km 6hrs and 21minutes the first goal being get to the start and then the finish line ! For me I am a winner and dare I say it I am a runner !

2hrs of darkness was fun all your senses come alive! Reaching Brendon 10 minutes ahead of time, at the first 12.8km, who had already been up all night crewing Sam, K dog and Ando ! Was there to greet me filled up water bottles and sent me straight back out ! Thinking I’d see him and my Kidz within the next 5 km – oh how wrong was I lucky I had a Vegemite sandwich and some snakes as it was not until the 30km mark that I’d see them ! The first 30km I was having an absolute ball A party for 1 – good tunes from a every random playlist from Emimen to Lady Gaga which put me in a great headspace as it was Livi girls first live concert a few years ago and I had so many great memories “born this way” I marched straight the monster incline in front of me ! Which lead to a beautiful panorama view hence it was time for my summit
Handstand! Amazed that I could even get my tried and heavy legs of the ground. I felt so alive and on top of the world singing out loud at the top of lungs, thank god I spent the last 25km with out a another runner insight if you’d ever heard me sing it’s not pretty! Smashed it to the 30km mark, where one of the most motivating and inspiring person that I know Mr Sam weir is awaiting with my kids, Harry hiding in the trees snapping shoots my beautiful girls olivia and Georgia saying you got this mum ! Miss Casey along with B had spent the night crewing Sam were also there, offering food and drink. Your fast learner Casey and so organised too, I think Sam may be trading me in. Brendon had everything that I had planned but like a great women, I changed my mind and was craving fresh strawberries fear not a quick sprint to the van boom fresh delicious strawberries yum!!!!!! changed over from AMMO to a yummy blend of pineapple coconut water with my practitioner endura opti and it work a treat! So nice!!!!!
I was off feeling strong pumped up by my crew 2 sets of 10 to go. Only 12.5km before I saw my crew again. However this section was absolutely brutal…………… I’d go as far to say it was worse then Nerang and Polys dirt bikes flying around and being the only runner once again made for a scary time, a mad max movie scene ! At one point the same 3 men whizzed past and few times doing a loopy around me, I jumped in bushes and hid at one point ! I drew on my inner lion and decided I can only move forward as fast as I could to get to my crew at this point I was at 35km mark and this was the fit heresy run I had ever done which was Polys to numinbah last year. Up down up up up down around and around it was so tough and rough. I thought about the 100milers going thru here at night especially the girls and thought how super tough and brave they were ! So I pulled my big girl pants up and got on with job ! Cracking marathon distance I broke down having never completed one before well I have now and rewarding myself with a mars bar ! And then around the next corner smiling faces ! Quick change of shoes Casey knew what I was thinking off came the Nike terra kigers on went Nike zoom elites ! 8 km to go 2 sets of 4km and I must say they hurt like hell and finish line couldn’t have come quick enough, where is that school ? as my watch ticked over 50km another 1km down the road I was home my finish line with plenty of familiar faces ! Dropping to my knees a deep squat half crow looking pose I was done ! And in quite a little disbelieve! Of what had just happen !
I thought Ando always kissed the earth when he was finish a sort of mount goat namaste ritual, oh no it’s not that at all its a your legs going numb and collapsing right from under neath you !

Well the job is done ! I love it I hurt like hell and I think I’m going to say it I found the runner in me! ‪#‎GH50‬ ‪#‎trailrunner‬ ‪#‎happyrunner‬ ‪#‎ultra‬‪#‎funcfitness‬


GH50km handstand

My inner Fat Amy voice is telling me that winter is here and that I should be giving up this nonsense of active living and succumb to the idea of hibernation with comfort food, copious amounts of hot chocolate and Tim Tam slams.  If the cold weather wasn’t enough, work has seconded me up to do nightworks in north Brisbane.  Life is obviously challenging me to a duel of mind-games and in response, together with Funcmumma Jaime, I have retaliated and thrown down a gauntlet of training routines and fitness goals to keep me focused on becoming a healthier Miss V.  Over the last year, FUNC has kept my body guessing with different training regimes, pushing mental boundaries resulting in physical gains.  Keeping up with this trend I decided to take up trail running which was already a favourite past time amongst a few FUNC members.  Anita, our naughtyBritNurse-legs4Africa-supermum had found the Nerang Trail Run Series – five runs over five months progressing from 6km up to 20km, and had put it forward to the crew to see who else would come to the pain-party.  I winced as my name became part of the ‘seen’ list under Anita’s Facebook post and knew I couldn’t ignore it now. I decided then and there to surprise my body with something new, and registered.  Saturday came around and there would be five of us running the 6km leg.  Seeing as most were trail-run virgins, it would seem appropriate that we be early to the event location, set the bar high for ourselves, do some yoga stretches and warm-ups, possibly break out into a ZUU-style flash mob…I mean, how impressive would that be?  In reality, Casey, one half of our FUNC pocket-rocket duo had gone out the night before to party her nerves away, and together with her nerves went her keys and wallet. Once we had made a detour to pick up Casey and after a few illegal U-turns and deviations from the route, we gave into logic and used the Google map app to finally arrive at our destination with minutes to spare.  Runners of all shapes and sizes were already there warming as we collected our bib numbers and made a final dash to empty nervous bladders.  No sooner had we stepped out of the Ladies’ had the “ready, set, go” announcement come over the loud speaker.  There was no time to think.  It was like a Boxing Day sale at David Jones as we all reacted to the stampede through the starting line and joined the herd of trailblazers along the soggy clay path.  I envisioned trail running to be similar to a deer prancing through the forest in the Disney movie Bambi – each footstep a pleasant high-five on each rock it landed on as she bounced merrily through the forest.  Instead, I was in an imaginary moshpit, my high knotted bun furiously beating the top of my head as I my feet played Hot Potato down the slippery clay slopes. My arms were raised high in the air like I just didn’t care, the mobile moshpit taking me down a hill then up another.  There were inclines and declines, a kazzilion rocks, mud, tree stumps, the odd tree branch slapping me, a reminder to breathe.  Anita, Casey and Jaime had crossed the finish line and Jaime had come back up the path, as only a caring Funcmumma would, to push Vanessa and I forward to the end.  Miraculously all FUNC trailblazers finished with no injuries or face-plants (unlike a few others who had clay for breakfast) stoked to have the first leg of the series completed, and that Jaime had won a watch in the lucky draw.  Trail running makes things interesting for anyone who finds running on the road monotonous and mind-numbing.  It takes your thoughts away from the breathlessness concentrating on the next step you take.  Yes, it is getting colder, but that does not mean we go into hibernation.  Winter is just another reason for us to change tactics in our training and kick start a new way to exercise.  Disney’s latest movie ‘Frozen’ has a theme song called ‘Let it Go’ which has been played to death on the radio and slaughtered by reruns of the DVD in family living rooms across the world.  It only seems fitting for such a season as this that a movie referencing winter brings us a song about letting go. It is time to let go of the excuses and negative mind-frames, and embrace new activities and challenges, like trail running.  Winter is only a season, and besides… the cold never bothered me anyway. That’s how V sees it.  #FuncVmax #FuncTrailblazers #FuncFrozen


Race 1 done

It’s the end of a gruelling session of ZUU, and I am spent.  I am sitting on the carpeted arena, surrounded by my Func peers, and, Nick the trainer for the session, is taking us through the motions of stretching and cooling down.  My breathing declines to its normal rate and sweat decorates my forearms and the sweat drops from my lower legs are racing each other to my socks (the phenomenon of leg sweat is still something surreal.  It freaked me out the first time as I thought my body was going into shock – typical dramaqueen V.) I am feeling relieved, ecstatic, and elated that the session is over.  It’s been eleven months since I first walked through the Func gates and it just does not get any easier.  Quads still burn twice as much as after the first drum run; arms still burn twice as after the first double-pumper.  It may not be getting any easier, but things are getting leaner and stronger, the gain is worth the pain, and all the other gym cliché’s are starting to make sense.  The dictionary describes being strong as “the ability to withstand force, pressure or wear”.  Life throws at us emotional, mental and physical obstacles that either wears us down or build us up.  In health, the whole concept of strength gets thrown on its head when it no longer just means the physical but the mental and emotional as well.  Today, it was Thursday 6.30am ZUU, the second session for the day and Nick’s adrenalin level was sky-high if not in orbit – a typical Nick kind of day.  The session was hard which is always a given, but today my morale was down due to life’s curveballs and my body was giving in to the negativity.  Basic ZUU moves became harder to complete, my knees reacquainting themselves with the carpet.  As if on cue, Nick turned up beside me, reminding me of what my body was capable of doing, and motivating me to keep moving and to let the lactic burn.  I start plotting his death by beetroot overdose as my body started to burn, negative thoughts turning into adrenalin and Nick’s words of affirmation pushing me past the finish line.  Eleven months of high intensity workouts has made me think of what I believe should be part of Func law –  our emotional and mental baggage makes for great resistance during training.  Don’t leave them at the door, bring them in with you.  Exercise is an excellent batting tool for life’s curveballs and when you have a team surrounding you that are cheering you on, mindsets change and heartaches are put in perspective.   I try to deliver my own dose of encouragement during training, as you never know what people are battling outside the four Func walls.  All I know is that I’m given 45 minutes to burn fat, conquer my own inner demons and help bash over someone else’s.  I want to continue getting stronger and I know that at Func others have the same goal too.  I also know that we all have our own personal struggles and know that with exercise, we can tackle them together rather than alone.  There’s a quote that says “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up”.   It was a crazy morning session of ZUU and I appreciated Nick’s persistence to see me finish.  I walk out into the morning sun sweaty with a clear mind, listing things I am thankful for and looking forward to my piccolo latte.  Nick gestures me for a high-five which I accept, and I promised that for today I won’t be overdosing him with beetroot but rather pay forward the favour he paid me.   And that’s how V sees it.  #funcVmax

Angkor vs ANKORR
A girlfriend and I recently watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and I realised how disturbingly imaginative my daydreams become when my brain is left to its own demise.  Now there is little to no time allocated during Func class to daydream (I barely get a moment to take a sip out of my water bottle) but outside of class I’m either singing a duet with Beyonce, our #1 hit at the Grammy’s streaming live via satellite from Barbados (because we are recording our second hit single and couldn’t make it to claim our Grammy award) or accompanying Mrs Obama as her BFF during her visits to the inner-city youth as part of her initiative to bridge the economic divide.  When I was in Cambodia a few years ago I visited the infamous Buddhist temple Angkor Wat in Siem Reap.  Besides it being the largest religious monument in the world, there I was again, transforming myself into Lara Croft, leaping and bounding off the ancient ruins with my long braid cracking the air like a whip in my wake, chasing down the bad guys and leaving them for dead with my fatal looks.  If Lara Croft came to Func in search of Angkor Wat she’d be confronted not only by a few trainers doe-eyed over her beauty, but harnesses connected to resistance bands strewn a across the floor and connected to the walls – Lara would find herself at ANKORR. There are two classes during the week where Ankorr shows its menacing face, but recently I feel like there’s a conspiracy where I would turn up for ZUU and be greeted by Ankorr.  (This is known as the ‘Func Gump’ effect where class is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get when you arrive.)  What would Lara do at Ankorr?  Lara would be asked to strap on a harness and subject herself to becoming a human yo-yo.  Of course, Lara would make Ankorr look effortless as she bangs out the bear crawls and half-hindus, her kazillion-pack abs engaged the entire 30 minutes of the high intensity class.  Lara wouldn’t get herself tangled in the resistance band, nor would her braid come undone as she’s yanked across the floor, running against the resistance of the band as the trainer pulls in the opposite direction.  My Lara Croft experience is often interrupted by lactic burn erupting through my body – my drama queen yelps of defeat receiving no sympathy but a “commit to it V!” response from the trainers.  I am shown no mercy at Func, and neither is Lara.  Lara Croft and I are physically similar in many ways (note sarcasm) but in some ways, so are Angkor Wat and Ankorr.  Where the sight of the ancient monument is breathtaking, the training regime literally takes your breath away; where the strength of Angkor is in its structure, the structure of Ankorr strengthens its participants, and that feeling of awe and amazement I felt standing at the thousand-year-old entrance of Angkor Wat, is relived every time I finish a half-hour class of Ankorr.  That’s how Lara Croft would have felt too, but more importantly – that’s how V sees it.  #funcVmax


Why did you join Func?
At the age of 40 I was diagnosed with a Meningioma Brain Tumour, I put off any treatment for two years preferring to monitor instead, unfortunately my little friend kept growing and I under took radical Gamma Knife Radiation Surgery on 14th Feb 2011.
12 Months ago I was scheduled for my second yearly check up, feeling somewhat depressed by the whole thing and having steadily gained 10kg I decided it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself & do something about it. So I joined this new place called Func, I had seen it flash up on my Facebook feed and thought I’d give it a go.
Describe Your Experience At Func.
From the very first day I was made to feel welcome & included, I was encouraged to try new things, training & fitness like I’d never done before, Surely I was too old ?? Never too old to improve fitness levels & positive thinking, the little negative voices soon began to disappear. Meeting like minded people who are all friendly with none of the gym egos was a pleasant surprise.
What Has Func Taught You & Helped You Achieve?
Func has taught me that I’m alot more determined than I think, I can achieve anything if I try and if I want to, you’re never too old, excuses are just that, excuses.
I have achieved my 10kg weight loss, through a healthy choice of clean eating & Func training , I love that the word DIET is never used and we are encouraged to refuel to become lean & strong.
How has Func changed you ?
I now have my positive attitude back, I enjoy waking up every morning and looking forward to training, I love that we are encouraged to eat healthily with Jaime providing so many fantastic recipes. In a couple of weeks I’m joining the Func Crew to take part in my first obstacle race, who would have thought !!!  I’m also well and truly ready to tackle my third annual check up, going in there fitter & stronger than ever,  my  little friend is still there but hopefully diminishing, I’m going in with a kick butt attitude !!!
I want to Thank Jaime & Brendon & the crew for creating this fantastic place we love as Func, it’s not just a gym, it has heart & soul & I’m looking forward to this next year!
Luvvy xx

Why did you join Func?

I was a member of a gym and doing mostly RPM classes and I was also doing Bootcamp on the beach.  The cost of doing both Bootcamp and going to the gym was just too much and I was starting to consider what other options I had that were fun but not too expensive.  I was in Victoria visiting my family when an ad for FUNC appeared on my Facebook timeline.  I checked out Func’s website and was instantly drawn in by openness and honesty of their trainers and their own personal life experiences that got them to the point they are at now.  It sounded too good to be true……the whole of January was free!! As soon as I arrived back here on the Coast I went and did my first every TRX class and was instantly addicted.  I cancelled my gym membership that day!!!

Describe your experience at FUNC?

Func is honestly like nothing else I have ever experienced.  From the minute I set foot in the Func room I felt so welcomed by the lovely trainers there and began to form some wonderful friendships as the “Func Family” evolved.  My husband and children joined soon after and they love it as much as I do.  We are setting a good example for our children and our children are then setting a good example to their friends.  Func has challenged me in so many ways pushed me way beyond my limits.  Previously all I did was RPM and the odd Pump class, I never ever imagined not doing these classes anymore and finding something better than “Les Mills”….to me there was nothing better than Les haha until I met Func.  Now even the thought of doing RPM bores me, my cycle shoes are gathering dust in the cupboard now.  I have an entire new attitude and way of thinking towards training and exercise and do a mix of TRX, FUNC, ZUU, Boxing and Yoga.  Every single class is always different and there is always different levels of fitness in the class from the brand new members to the super elite ultra-marathon runners…..but there is one thing that remains the same….teamwork and friendship.  We all help each other through each class and we always finish together.  I love that Func is non-competitive…..”It’s you against you”…..we support and encourage everyone no matter what their fitness levels are and that’s what I LOVE!

What has FUNC helped you to achieve?

Func has allowed me to achieve so much.  I have a whole new healthy attitude towards training.  I am now a stronger person mentally and physically and my body shape has changed dramatically (for the better).  My desire was always to be ‘skinny’, I didn’t care about how much muscle I had, I just wanted to be skinny.  I now am inspired by the likes of Jaime and Lisa to be fit and healthy and strong in appearance.  Func has also allowed me to meet likeminded people and I feel that one of my biggest achievements is socially based……I have really come out of my shell.  I am now more confidant in myself and enjoy spending time with the Func Family.  I look forward to our breakfasts and coffees after class and I even now enjoy telling people I’m a dietitian.  I use to avoid telling people this because the gyms I have previously been a member of encouraged no carbs, chicken mince and broccoli for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I admittedly was shocked and relieved to go out for breaky one morning with the Func crew and see them all order toast with their breaky…..phew…I finally felt at home!!!

What has FUNC taught me?

Func has taught me to believe in myself and push myself beyond my limits.  It has taught me to take risks and not say no to new things just because it might push me out of my comfort zone.  Func has also taught me to relax and socialise more which I rarely did previously.  The trainers have inspired me in so many ways and I am eternally grateful to Facebook for introducing me to them

How has FUNC changed you?

Thanks to Func I’m now a stronger, healthier, happier and fitter person.  I also now have a beautiful and very inspirational group of friends who I look forward to seeing and socialising with both in and out of the gym.  I can honestly say that I have never had such a close group of friends in my whole life.  I have a different attitude towards exercise now, I no longer do it just because I think I should….I do it now because I enjoy it and its helping me in so many ways.    I love that they have Nick Hart there doing massages and now Stacey Austin has set up Func beauty….im set!!!  I can’t imagine life without Func!!!  Im looking forward to 2014 and all the challenges thrown my way.  I have even just registered to to ‘Holt Bolt’….I would never had wanted to do this a year ago!!

Fiona Brown 



FREE classes all this week 13 – 18th January to celebrate our 1 year birthday, why not come in and try 1 or all our classes, that’s 28 times to choose from and 6 different styles, there’s NO excuse now not to come and give it ago, “only applies to first time func’ers!!