Project you reboot your metabolism, mind and body.

An 8 week program to reach to wider a community, looking for lifestyle change, improved health welbeing and fitness. Who are struggling to loss weight when you feel you are doing enough exercise and think you are eating correctly. But are you doing enough of the right type of exercise and eating enough to fuel for metabolism, recovery and ultimately fat burning?

Our Vision for Project you, is to create a supportive community, and guide you through your mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing whilst educating you to maintain a healthy maintainable lifestyle.

Before commencing project you we will be testing your metabolism, this will be held on Saturday the 24th of June at Physiologic 334 scottsdale drive Robina, 55787155 allow !hr for testing.

Your metabolism will be assessed both at rest and during exercise. This information will be used to give you, your nutritional and exercise advice suited to YOUR individual metabolism.
Project you, is an education and training program not a challenge to just loss weight. Our aim and collaboration, is to empower you to have a clear understanding and eduction of what exactly you need to be doing in order to get the desired outcome of your health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

As part of project you you’ll also receive,
bio scans
metabolic testing
nutrition and science of exercise seminar
food diaries
goals setting visioning / guided mediation evening.
private FB group support and accountability
supermarket Safari -understanding food labels
personal sized fitness programs
unlimited group fitness classes @ func fitness
fuel for performance nutrition and hormone health guideline
ebook –
specialised group sessions along the way. i.e. hit interval specific heart rate zone sessions, sunrise or sunset yoga and breakfast / canapés.

extra personal support, nutritional coaching and one on one training is also available to help achieve your goals.


Our head trainer and Func Fitness Co Founder Jaime Martin has been named in the top 10 personal trainers on the Gold Coast, and rightfully so, she lives and breaths fitness and practices what she preaches.

She has helped so many people not just physically but also mentally and emotionally, through her tireless work with clients on her self designed unique “Project You” programme and intensive 6 week project that can totally redefine the way people train, look at food as there friend, and to peel back all the stuff that is holding them back, if you want more information click on this link “Project you” and find out more.

Jaime is a big believer in only giving her clients and members what she has physically done herself and says if she cannot do something how can you teach someone else to do it.

If you would like to train with Jaime you can either come and join in as a member of Func Fitness and partake in our group training where most of the classes have been designed by Jaime or come and get some personal training from her or one of the trainers she mentors, just visit our memberships page to find out more!!

             5 benefits of Functional TrainingIMG_0010

  1. Functional training allows you to utilise more than one plane of movement, incorporating all more than one muscle group to complete most exercises, making your workout more efficienThis type of workout 
  2. IMG_1501Challenges you because a lot of the movements are unpredictable. You know the definition of insanity right? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you keep doing the same movements over and over again, your body will get used to it and you’ll hit a plateau. Plateaus are the worst.2015-08-27 06.17.30
  3. This style of training can be programmed to be beneficial for a specific sport that you are training for? Functional fitness training can enhance your skills in your chosen sport.DSC_0183
  4. Functional fitness training has massive core-strengthening benefits, because it engages the body’s core stabilising and balancing muscles. These types of exercises put less wear and tear on your muscles and joints, and help improve coordination, balance, and stability.pilates photo jaime and pete
  5. It’s fun, full body workout. There are so many different pieces of equipment to try out and experiment with. Variety!

At Func Fitness the majority of our classes cater for any person of any fitness level, from the elite sportsperson to the first timer, we can progress and regress any movement to allow everyone to feel safe and confident that they will benefit whilst being motivated by others within the group to achieve there goal whatever that may be. 

We make training fun and challenging and not a chore,  we have the best variety of classes available under one roof with our 7 different styles of classes, we cater for everyone and our classes wont bore you.

Check out our schedule at, and join the team working together for everyones goals.

Func is not just a facility to come and train, we pride ourselves on providing a place where people become a part of a community, helping each other not just in the gym but outside of the gym, they support each other and create life long friendships, we educate people how to lead a healthy lifestyle without having to change much of what they already think and do.


FACT or FICTION? Keeping your heart rate in the fat-burning zone (60-70% of your max heart rate) helps to shed fat faster…?

Myth: Exercise done at a low intensity, such as walking, is better at fat burning than other high-intensity activities, like running or cardio activities where you push yourself very hard.

The Truth: In a strict scientific sense, these claims are true because working at a lower intensity requires less quick energy and a higher percentage of fat is burned. But you’ll also burn fewer calories than you would if, for the same amount of time, you work out at a harder intensity (running versus walking). Although it’s technically true that exercising in the so-called “fat burning zone” (at a lower intensity level of about 60% to 70% of maximum heart rate) does use a higher percentage of fat calories for fuel, the overall total calories burned is still lower. The reason is simple. Fat is a slow-burning fuel that requires oxygen to convert it to a usable energy, so it’s great for long, steady, slow exercise, like backpacking, or cycling a long distance. Most people have enough stored body fat to fuel low level activity for days and days without running out of energy, but if you want to go fast, work all-out, or burn the most calories per minute, you need to rely on the faster-burning carbohydrate (glycogen) for energy. Converting fat to fuel takes longer, and requires lots of oxygen. In the strictest definition, this is called aerobic metabolism.

For almost two decades, we’ve been hearing the seductive call of the “fat-burning zone,” in which you burn a greater percentage of fat calories. And, we’ve been told, you get there by doing moderate—not hard—exercise.

Turns out, it’s not that simple. The catch? When you exercise at 60 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate, in that so-called “zone,” you burn fewer calories per minute during and after your workout. To crank your metabolism, you need to push your body harder—a lot harder.

The Exertion Scale
Picture your activity level on a spectrum. On one end is the effortless kind, like sitting at your desk or walking to a meeting. “When you’re not exerting yourself, your body actually burns a higher percentage of calories from fat than it does when you’re active,” says Alex Koch, Ph.D., an associate professor of health and exercise sciences at Truman State University in Missouri. That’s partly why the “fat-burning zone” was so appealing—it sounds awesome. But of course that doesn’t mean sitting at your desk or wandering the halls at work will shrink your hips faster than doing jumping jacks or running a sprint will. “You’re maybe burning one to two calories a minute,” Koch explains, “which doesn’t add up to a lot of fat.”

Toward the other end of the activity spectrum is a super intense workout that sends your heart rate way beyond the classic fat-burning zone. At this point, your body needs quick energy, so it starts burning less flab and turns instead to carbohydrates, which enter the bloodstream faster than fat does. The upside: The harder you work, the more calories you burn. “At your max effort, you could be burning 20 to 30 calories a minute, “Koch says. And more calories burned, of course, equals more pounds lost.

In fact, research shows that the harder you go, the better. “Besides burning more calories per minute, high-intensity exercise—such as intervals, in which you alternate between short, hard efforts and easy periods or complete rest—unleashes a flood of hormones, including epinephrine, which helps your body burn calories even when you’re not working out,” Koch says. For example, people who cycled at a high intensity for 20 minutes torched more calories for hours after their workouts than they did after cycling at a low intensity for 30 to 60 minutes, according to a study reported in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. “Exercising in the classic fat-burning zone doesn’t offer these benefits,” he says.

The New Fat-Burning Zone
That doesn’t mean light-to moderate-intensity exercise is out of the picture. Mellow efforts can still be part of your workout: As a warm-up or cool down, they ease your body into and out of an intense session. They also reduce stress, amp up your cardiovascular health, increase bone density, and, of course, burn off some calories.

However, to fry flab faster, follow the principles of interval training or HIIT (high intensity interval training) You’ll know you’re in the zone when you combine short bursts of activity that require you to breathe so hard you can’t utter a word, followed by easier efforts that let you catch your breath. This new fat-burning zone isn’t really a single zone at all. It’s more like a cocktail of efforts that, when mixed together the right way, delivers a mega calorie crush to reveal a slimmer physique. Classes Such as Zuu, Func or TRX are a classic example of interval training and ensure your heart rate sores up and down

After - burn

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Lose Weight the Right Way

It should be noted that there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to go about losing weight. While losing weight is likely to lead to an overall improvement in one’s level of health and fitness, implementing unsafe methods and practices can actually cause adverse effects to your health.

The goal is to lose weight the right way. It is Func’s belief that each individual that has set a goal to lose weight should focus first and foremost on losing inches from their body, as opposed to actual weight. The reason for this belief is that muscle, by volume, is more dense than fat. Hence, a person would actually weigh more if they replaced the fat on their body with the equivalent volume of muscle.

Since each individual’s body is different in terms of structural frame and muscle density, two people that are the same height may weigh significantly different amounts.



A certain amount of body fat is vital for the body to function normally and healthily. In fact, maintaining a body fat percentage that is too low can be detrimental to one’s health.

There are essentially just two types of body fat categories. The first type of body fat is storage fat. Storage fat primarily consists of fat deposited just under the skin or subcutaneous fat, and is used to protect the internal organs in the chest and abdomen. In general, storage fat for men and women is fairly similar. For instance, the average storage fat required for men is 12% of their total body weight and 15% of their total body weight for women.

The second type of body fat is essential body fat. For the entire body to function normally and healthily, a certain amount of essential body fat is required. For example, the average essential body fat required for men is 3% of their total body weight and 12% of their total body weight for women.

Focus On Both Elements

To do this you need to look at both your diet and exercise. You should not ever look for a quick fix or get sucked into tricks and gimmicks as these are often ineffective and sometimes dangerous. Your aim should be to develop a healthy attitude to your food and exercise. You will not lose weight without increased physical activity .Likewise; you will not lose weight without improving the quality of foods that you are putting into your body. Both of these aspects present their own challenges, and in many cases require dedication and a change in overall lifestyle.

While losing weight can be difficult, you must always remember that effort and changes in lifestyle will pay off in the end. Achieving and maintaining your personal weight goal is a life-changing event that will improve virtually all aspects of your life.

It is our pleasure to assist you in your weight loss (if that’s your goal) and most importantly overall health efforts. To this end, we are here to help you with your goals

On March the 15th we are holding a seminar on ‘How to turn your body into a FAT BURNING machine’ We urge you to come along and learn some proven methods on learning how to maximize your workout efforts to get you closer to your goal. Information on this event can be found on our Facebook page under ‘events’. You must RSVP before the 13th March to secure your place.

Any comments or questions pop them below. We love to hear from you

Func crew


2 Months into the New Year. Are your Resolutions holding out?

It happens to mostly everyone. The start of the New Year you have made the best plans.Got your  diet and training regime in place and have stuck with it for a good few weeks. Changes are starting to show and you find yourself mentally congratulating yourself on your progress. Then one day, you lose it.

Perhaps a holiday got in the way, or a work function, a wedding, a birthday party, a breakup…( I could go on and on here..) regardless of  the reason your emotions took over and you caved.

So you have faced a set-back and now have to get back on track so that you can move forward and start seeing the results again.

But how do you do this?

Well for some people this is as easy as making the decision to start. For others the emotional roller coaster of feeling like you have failed is harder to overcome.

Let’s go over a few key tips to keep in mind and get you back on track

Accept the set-back.

Yep, forget it. The very first thing you should do is accept that it happened and move on. The more you think about it, the worse it becomes and the far more likely you are to jump back in with the same determination you showed at the start.

Remind yourself why you started.

There was a reason you decided to make the change. Remind yourself of your goals and WHY you are doing this so you can begin to put your plan back in place. Think of all the POSITIVE changes and improvements you have made already and understand that all is not lost. Keep things in perspective so you don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

Re -Set your plan.


Have a look at what was working and what was not going so well for you.

How was your diet/ did you feel you were eating enough or not enough? Perhaps you really aren’t eating enough calories on a day to day basis and the constant hunger has just been too much to handle.

Workouts: have you been putting in 100%? Or maybe you need a rest day to bounce back?

Remember that sometimes you do need to make adjustments to your program. Review what you’re doing and see if there is something that isn’t quite working as it should.

A few simple tweaks to the program could be just the thing to get you back on track and moving forward again.


Don’t make excuses for yourself. Most of us understand the basics of what is right for your body. We all know that junk food is bad, fruit and veg – good! Exercise is great, sitting on the couch and making excuses as to why you didn’t exercise … too cold, too dark, too tired, too sore, too busy etc etc..(.trust me we have heard them all! ) Is probably not going to get you any closer to your goals.

The hard to swallow, bitter truth of it all is that only you can get you the results you are after.

Remember that very often it’s not the actual set-back that will cause problems with your progress but rather how you choose to deal with this set-back instead.

Put in the hard work, dedication and we promise you, you will see the success you’re after

Huge Appology. We have been so carried away with all our classes that we have neglected to officialy announce our awesome competition winner Ashleigh Hage!

So firstly I would like to properly introduce Ash to you all. As you may already know Ash is the winner of Func’s Change your life competition. She has won the chance to train for a whole year at Func and receive our ongoing support to ensure she gets back on track and reaches her goals. I would also like to add that since winning the comp  Ash has entered the 5k Colour Run in April and has added herself into Func’s Team in the 21k Tough Mudder event in Aug. ( Tough Mudder Func’ers..! )

How’s that for smashing out some hairy scary goals?!!

There have been so many inspiring moment’s over the last month with Ash’s progress so stay tuned, she will be updating us all every month

Thank you again Ash for sharing your journey with us and here’s to  great things in the future….


My name is Ashleigh, 22 years old, and I am the winner of Func’s change your life competition. I entered the competition one night after my first ever class with Func, it was TRX. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done (I was yet to experience Zuu!) but in saying that I absolutely loved it. I had been on a mission from the start of the year to lose weight, get fit and just be happy with myself and the way I look and saw this competition as a great opportunity to achieve these goals. The morning I received the phone call saying I had won I was the happiest girl in the world! Being that one step closer to being a better me and having each of the fantastic trainers by my side every step was like a dream come true and I can’t thank them enough. Since my first training session 3 weeks ago I have lost 6 kg and I couldn’t be happier. But I have a long way to go, I hope to eventually loose 33kg to reach a healthy weight of 68kg. The past three weeks haven’t been easy, there have been times where I can’t walk let alone sit on the toilet but I know it will all be worth it in the end when I can go shopping and walk into a shop and buy all the pretty little dresses I want without worrying if they will fit me or not!




Any support you have for Ash please let her know by leaving your comment’s below…



Muscle soreness is something I’m sure everyone can all relate to at some point. Even if you have never stepped into a gym, there would of been a time when you were cleaning the car, carrying the kids or mowing the lawn where you’ve woken up the next day and had a “Why are my arms/legs so sore?” moment. Want to know why you get sore? Then read on….

12 – 48 hours after a particularly tough workout, most people begin to experience soreness in the body parts trained. This is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS. DOMS pain is different from the burning sensation you feel during a workout and also different from the pain you get from an injury. It’s more of an ache and stiffness rather than a sharp stabbing pain or burn.

DOMS is caused by tears in the tiny cells of the muscle that occur as a result of high intensity exercise (such as a tough ZUU session or a new exercise you haven’t done before). After the workout, the muscle slowly begins to rebuild itself (provided it is allowed enough time and nutrients to recover). This rebuilding process is what creates your new muscle that is bigger and stronger than before. I like to think of it like a sand castle on the beach. The waves come and wash away your castle, so you build it bigger and better in the hope the waves won’t destroy it the next time. Eventually you’ll have a kick ass castle (or body in this instance) that no amount of waves (or exercise) can wreck!

Your muscles don’t start repairing or growing until roughly 24 hours after you’ve exercised. A balanced mix of proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids straight after exercising give the muscle the fuel it needs to get the job done. Throw in a decent stretch, a good sleep and your body is in optimum muscle building territory!

FUNC beginners may experience quite severe muscle soreness after the first few classes as your body gets use to this new unique workout .The good news is that the human body is an amazing thing and your body will slowly adapt to the workload and eventually – your muscles won’t ache as much or for as long. I know I’m not the only one here who hobbled around for a couple of days after we first developed our FUNC class, avoiding flights of stairs and anything that involved lifting my hands above my head! After a couple of classes my body had adapted to the work load of FUNC and while I’m still stiff after a particularly tough class, a stretch in the morning and an omelette for breakfast get me feeling 100% again in no time. Please note that being sore is not a reflection of how hard you have worked.

Here is a couple of key points to remember if you’re a FUNC beginner or suffering from sore, aching muscles after exercise:

  • Refuel your body within half an hour of exercise with decent, nutritional food high in protein and amino acids such as an omelette or steak.
  • Stretch while you’re bodies still warm – we do this at the end of each class but if you know your legs hurt after a class, spend a few more minutes stretching out your problem areas.
  • Have a good sleep – Feeling tired after a class? Sneak in a little nap if you can and your body will thank you the next day.

For more info on how to fix muscle soreness after training or exercising feel free to drop us a message and have a chat. We have a number of different raw, healthy, high protein recipes if you’d like ideas for meals, simply sign up to our email at the top of this page and Like the Func Facebook page.