After last years successful Hellfire Hustle downhill running race which Func Fitness was a proud partner of, the boy’s at ChasingVert events have decided to add on a 2 person relay race to allow for the runners who would prefer to run up hill instead of down.

The normal downhill time trial race has been adjusted to allow a gap of only 20 secs apart per runner this year to make it more exciting to watch and also race.

Watch the video below to see what your in for.

Func Fitness is proud to be a supporting partner of the first ever downhill time trial trail race “Hellfire Hustle”, situated in the Gold Coast Hinterland on the 16th October 2016.

This extreme event will see some of the best runners and some of the not so good runners do battle to see who can get the the bottom of Hellfire pass in the fastest possible time.

The course is 3.2 kilometres in length with some hairy bends and steep downhill sections, that will surely cause some carnage and quad pain.

With a cash prize pool of $1000 up for grabs the competition should be strong.

If you think you have what it takes to get down hellfire as fast as possible then this is an event for you.

By the way their is a prize for the best stack.

Enter Here –  Hellfire Hustle Entry

Finding the runner in me!

Running 50km blog
The saying of “If your goal doesn’t scare you then it’s not big enough”

Determined to find out what makes runners tick and find the runners high ……….
Im on the hunt for a 50km trail run !
Why trail I find it more challenging mentally as I can’t switch off its more then left foot right foot I like the hills well some of them not necessarily whilst trying to run walk them but it is an achievement right there in that moment when you reach the top!
There is something about being in the wilderness a sense of adventure and the thought of maybe getting lost the dirt mud water crossings and natures creature that makes it a thrill compared to road run!

So with a goal to chase not being a great at running it’s something I don’t enjoy and it I don’t get that feeling of waking wanting to go for run, but yes when I do hit the road, pavement and particularly the trails I have do get moments of why people love it ! I just don’t love love it , I do how’re understand the mental aspect of it and this part I do enjoy particular running alone.

I believe anyone can run slow or fast it doesn’t matter yes some are probably more designed to run then others, and simply others have a greater love and passion for it then I do. Running is hard for me hips, knees, calfs feet etc !!! So in the quest for a 50km trail run I’m determined to work thru my weakness to learn more about the human body as it pushed !

Well that was the lead up to my goal today which I believe I smashed it 9minutes ahead of my 2nd goal! 51km 6hrs and 21minutes the first goal being get to the start and then the finish line ! For me I am a winner and dare I say it I am a runner !

2hrs of darkness was fun all your senses come alive! Reaching Brendon 10 minutes ahead of time, at the first 12.8km, who had already been up all night crewing Sam, K dog and Ando ! Was there to greet me filled up water bottles and sent me straight back out ! Thinking I’d see him and my Kidz within the next 5 km – oh how wrong was I lucky I had a Vegemite sandwich and some snakes as it was not until the 30km mark that I’d see them ! The first 30km I was having an absolute ball A party for 1 – good tunes from a every random playlist from Emimen to Lady Gaga which put me in a great headspace as it was Livi girls first live concert a few years ago and I had so many great memories “born this way” I marched straight the monster incline in front of me ! Which lead to a beautiful panorama view hence it was time for my summit
Handstand! Amazed that I could even get my tried and heavy legs of the ground. I felt so alive and on top of the world singing out loud at the top of lungs, thank god I spent the last 25km with out a another runner insight if you’d ever heard me sing it’s not pretty! Smashed it to the 30km mark, where one of the most motivating and inspiring person that I know Mr Sam weir is awaiting with my kids, Harry hiding in the trees snapping shoots my beautiful girls olivia and Georgia saying you got this mum ! Miss Casey along with B had spent the night crewing Sam were also there, offering food and drink. Your fast learner Casey and so organised too, I think Sam may be trading me in. Brendon had everything that I had planned but like a great women, I changed my mind and was craving fresh strawberries fear not a quick sprint to the van boom fresh delicious strawberries yum!!!!!! changed over from AMMO to a yummy blend of pineapple coconut water with my practitioner endura opti and it work a treat! So nice!!!!!
I was off feeling strong pumped up by my crew 2 sets of 10 to go. Only 12.5km before I saw my crew again. However this section was absolutely brutal…………… I’d go as far to say it was worse then Nerang and Polys dirt bikes flying around and being the only runner once again made for a scary time, a mad max movie scene ! At one point the same 3 men whizzed past and few times doing a loopy around me, I jumped in bushes and hid at one point ! I drew on my inner lion and decided I can only move forward as fast as I could to get to my crew at this point I was at 35km mark and this was the fit heresy run I had ever done which was Polys to numinbah last year. Up down up up up down around and around it was so tough and rough. I thought about the 100milers going thru here at night especially the girls and thought how super tough and brave they were ! So I pulled my big girl pants up and got on with job ! Cracking marathon distance I broke down having never completed one before well I have now and rewarding myself with a mars bar ! And then around the next corner smiling faces ! Quick change of shoes Casey knew what I was thinking off came the Nike terra kigers on went Nike zoom elites ! 8 km to go 2 sets of 4km and I must say they hurt like hell and finish line couldn’t have come quick enough, where is that school ? as my watch ticked over 50km another 1km down the road I was home my finish line with plenty of familiar faces ! Dropping to my knees a deep squat half crow looking pose I was done ! And in quite a little disbelieve! Of what had just happen !
I thought Ando always kissed the earth when he was finish a sort of mount goat namaste ritual, oh no it’s not that at all its a your legs going numb and collapsing right from under neath you !

Well the job is done ! I love it I hurt like hell and I think I’m going to say it I found the runner in me! ‪#‎GH50‬ ‪#‎trailrunner‬ ‪#‎happyrunner‬ ‪#‎ultra‬‪#‎funcfitness‬


GH50km handstand