Why did you join func ? I’ve always trained hard and even started doing my PT so I was always interested in new exciting ways to train and I’m up for any challenge. I initially joined func because I really wanted to try TRX but later discovered Func’s other classes.
Describe your experience at func ? The first class I went to was a TRX class on a Monday afternoon which followed a Zuu class. I remember walking in when the class was all on the wall doing double pumpers and I knew I would be staying for good!  My Func experience has been one of learning, loving and training very, very hard! Everyone is so warm and friendly and makes the classes so much fun.
 I always describe it to my friends as a really big personal training session with your friends because it doesn’t feel like you’re training in the typical class or boot camp sense. I’m the biggest advocate for Func! 
What has func helped you achieve? I’ve always been a very shy quiet person and func has helped me open up a bit more and meet new people. I can’t quite say I have my dream body yet but I’m sure as hell on the way to getting it but more importantly I’ve learnt so much about my body and myself with the help of func! I’m also the fittest and strongest I have ever been!
What has func taught you? Func has taught me that the journey is more exciting then the final results. It’s taught me how to train correctly, how to eat properly and how to set goals. Its taught me to be enjoy every extra chin up I do, every step under the ‘ankorr’ I take and every kilo I lose. It has taught me to recognise small changes are every bit as important as big changes. It’s also taught me to stop comparing and start focusing on myself and to celebrate other people‘s growth and not just my own.
How has func changed you?
 I have become a happier healthier person in every possible way. My body has changed, I have new muscles everywhere! My relationship with my friends and my partner are better because I’m so much happier! My body image and my confidence has improved so much I just see myself in a new light! I’m stronger both physically and mentally and I can’t wait for the New Year to see even more changes!
I love my Func family and every single class I attend, even if I have a terrible day I know I will come out of the class smiling! 


Why did you join Func?
At the age of 40 I was diagnosed with a Meningioma Brain Tumour, I put off any treatment for two years preferring to monitor instead, unfortunately my little friend kept growing and I under took radical Gamma Knife Radiation Surgery on 14th Feb 2011.
12 Months ago I was scheduled for my second yearly check up, feeling somewhat depressed by the whole thing and having steadily gained 10kg I decided it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself & do something about it. So I joined this new place called Func, I had seen it flash up on my Facebook feed and thought I’d give it a go.
Describe Your Experience At Func.
From the very first day I was made to feel welcome & included, I was encouraged to try new things, training & fitness like I’d never done before, Surely I was too old ?? Never too old to improve fitness levels & positive thinking, the little negative voices soon began to disappear. Meeting like minded people who are all friendly with none of the gym egos was a pleasant surprise.
What Has Func Taught You & Helped You Achieve?
Func has taught me that I’m alot more determined than I think, I can achieve anything if I try and if I want to, you’re never too old, excuses are just that, excuses.
I have achieved my 10kg weight loss, through a healthy choice of clean eating & Func training , I love that the word DIET is never used and we are encouraged to refuel to become lean & strong.
How has Func changed you ?
I now have my positive attitude back, I enjoy waking up every morning and looking forward to training, I love that we are encouraged to eat healthily with Jaime providing so many fantastic recipes. In a couple of weeks I’m joining the Func Crew to take part in my first obstacle race, who would have thought !!!  I’m also well and truly ready to tackle my third annual check up, going in there fitter & stronger than ever,  my  little friend is still there but hopefully diminishing, I’m going in with a kick butt attitude !!!
I want to Thank Jaime & Brendon & the crew for creating this fantastic place we love as Func, it’s not just a gym, it has heart & soul & I’m looking forward to this next year!
Luvvy xx

Why did you join FUNC?
I wish it was like those informercials where I’d say “I couldn’t climb the stairs without stopping to breathe” or “it was that moment when I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoelaces” but alas it wasn’t.  I simply wanted that Beyonce coke-bottle figure topped off with Michelle Obama arms, and 30 minutes of casual walks daydreaming about it every other day of every other month just wasn’t cutting it.  So one random day a friend of mine had liked the page on Facebook, I got curious and found that it was near where I lived and booked myself in for my first appointment as a Rookie. It was the beginning of a beautiful love/hate friendship….
Describe your experience at FUNC! 
What. THE. Func. That’s what runs through my head ten minutes past warmup, with my head down between my legs in an A-frame position staring at my almost-kinda-notreally-apple-bottom in the mirror pumping out rock-presses.  A Func experience is one of pain and sweat and yet triumph.  I walk out feeling as if I’ve had a fight with The Hulk and I got a few good swings in there.  No matter how hard the task, the trainers make sure that I give it my all, which I have come to learn isn’t in my physical ‘all’, but my mental one. Oh my funcness does my body hurt afterwards! But seeing slight definitions in my reflection makes me go back for more.
What has FUNC helped you achieve? A holistic approach to life.  I did the Func 6-week course “To A Better Me” focussing on lifestyle changes.  I learnt a lot about food and that healthy food can be yummy.  I learnt that goalsetting for my career and personal life are also part of a healthy lifestyle. My relationship with KFC is now more off than on.  I’m thinking of going steady with Quinoa and Chobani.  In terms of the physical I used to like Fat Amy’s idea of ‘horizontal running’, but now I can actually run a lap past the KFC near FUNC without stopping.  My body is changing for the better! I’ll never be a size 8 but I’m going for the ‘Strong is the new Sexy’ look.  I can do full body pushups, and I am looking forward to the day when I can do one unassisted chin-up.  When that happens, that day should be made a public holiday.
What has FUNC taught you ? Func has taught me that it takes a village to raise a healthy, active-living person.  There is actual power in face-to-face relationships in a society where it is few and far between and virtual is the norm. As an individual there’s a war between Body and Mind, and quickly I learnt that the body can and will do what the mind tells it to do.  That’s where the  ‘FUNC Family’ comes into play.  Its craycray amazing – qualified trainers and regulars like me quickly become your closest friends and fiercest allies as you battle it out in the FUNC jungle made up of monkey bars, TRX straps, ANKORR vests, punching bags and the infamous carpeted ZUU arena.  Hi-five intermissions and back pats are FUNC’s special supplements that gets shared around in every class.  It’s this sense of community that I believe makes FUNC special.
How has FUNC changed you?
FUNC has changed my ‘never’ to ‘I WILL’, and replaced my ‘can’t’ with ‘I CAN’. There are still times when the old me taps me on the shoulder and reminds me of my daydreaming days.  That’s when I recognise how FUNC has changed me.  I’m learning to manage those thoughts and do it while tying my shoe laces to head out into the FUNC jungle.  I often think about how FUNC was someone’s dream that has become a reality and I am now part of that reality. That’s pretty humbling.  If anything, I hope that I can honour FUNC by inspiring others, letting them know that if a Beyonce-daydreaming-KFC-eating person like me can take up the challenge and change my lifestyle, they can too.


Why did you join Func?

I was a member of a gym and doing mostly RPM classes and I was also doing Bootcamp on the beach.  The cost of doing both Bootcamp and going to the gym was just too much and I was starting to consider what other options I had that were fun but not too expensive.  I was in Victoria visiting my family when an ad for FUNC appeared on my Facebook timeline.  I checked out Func’s website and was instantly drawn in by openness and honesty of their trainers and their own personal life experiences that got them to the point they are at now.  It sounded too good to be true……the whole of January was free!! As soon as I arrived back here on the Coast I went and did my first every TRX class and was instantly addicted.  I cancelled my gym membership that day!!!

Describe your experience at FUNC?

Func is honestly like nothing else I have ever experienced.  From the minute I set foot in the Func room I felt so welcomed by the lovely trainers there and began to form some wonderful friendships as the “Func Family” evolved.  My husband and children joined soon after and they love it as much as I do.  We are setting a good example for our children and our children are then setting a good example to their friends.  Func has challenged me in so many ways pushed me way beyond my limits.  Previously all I did was RPM and the odd Pump class, I never ever imagined not doing these classes anymore and finding something better than “Les Mills”….to me there was nothing better than Les haha until I met Func.  Now even the thought of doing RPM bores me, my cycle shoes are gathering dust in the cupboard now.  I have an entire new attitude and way of thinking towards training and exercise and do a mix of TRX, FUNC, ZUU, Boxing and Yoga.  Every single class is always different and there is always different levels of fitness in the class from the brand new members to the super elite ultra-marathon runners…..but there is one thing that remains the same….teamwork and friendship.  We all help each other through each class and we always finish together.  I love that Func is non-competitive…..”It’s you against you”…..we support and encourage everyone no matter what their fitness levels are and that’s what I LOVE!

What has FUNC helped you to achieve?

Func has allowed me to achieve so much.  I have a whole new healthy attitude towards training.  I am now a stronger person mentally and physically and my body shape has changed dramatically (for the better).  My desire was always to be ‘skinny’, I didn’t care about how much muscle I had, I just wanted to be skinny.  I now am inspired by the likes of Jaime and Lisa to be fit and healthy and strong in appearance.  Func has also allowed me to meet likeminded people and I feel that one of my biggest achievements is socially based……I have really come out of my shell.  I am now more confidant in myself and enjoy spending time with the Func Family.  I look forward to our breakfasts and coffees after class and I even now enjoy telling people I’m a dietitian.  I use to avoid telling people this because the gyms I have previously been a member of encouraged no carbs, chicken mince and broccoli for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I admittedly was shocked and relieved to go out for breaky one morning with the Func crew and see them all order toast with their breaky…..phew…I finally felt at home!!!

What has FUNC taught me?

Func has taught me to believe in myself and push myself beyond my limits.  It has taught me to take risks and not say no to new things just because it might push me out of my comfort zone.  Func has also taught me to relax and socialise more which I rarely did previously.  The trainers have inspired me in so many ways and I am eternally grateful to Facebook for introducing me to them

How has FUNC changed you?

Thanks to Func I’m now a stronger, healthier, happier and fitter person.  I also now have a beautiful and very inspirational group of friends who I look forward to seeing and socialising with both in and out of the gym.  I can honestly say that I have never had such a close group of friends in my whole life.  I have a different attitude towards exercise now, I no longer do it just because I think I should….I do it now because I enjoy it and its helping me in so many ways.    I love that they have Nick Hart there doing massages and now Stacey Austin has set up Func beauty….im set!!!  I can’t imagine life without Func!!!  Im looking forward to 2014 and all the challenges thrown my way.  I have even just registered to to ‘Holt Bolt’….I would never had wanted to do this a year ago!!

Fiona Brown