TRX group training training is a unique form of training @ func and is the biggest of its kind on the Gold Coast. TRX functional strength training and mobility work will ... read more

Func Athletica

Designed with Strength and fitness in mind. It’s the ultimate metabolic blast. Combining strength and High Intensity Interval Training, Func will have you ahead of the pack in no time. The Ultimate ... read more


ZUU Liberating human movement, The latest results driven body weight class structure, it is unlike any form of training you’ve experienced before. What is Zuu? A registered training style based on ... read more


A combination of boxing, kickboxing, and a variety of HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuits. Total body workout This class will tone, strengthen and build over all fitness and cardio ... read more

FUNC HIIT cardio X

30- 45 min High intensity inveral circuit training session, with timed stations mixing high intensity and cardio style movements, and incorporationg all our styles of training. TRX ZUU BOXING KETTLEBELLS ... read more


This is our very own designed class TRX fusion. Make a huge contribution to your stability, durability and all-around movement with the TRX Fusion Workout.  It’s in this class we ... read more

Personal Training

Need that little extra help, attention, technique and motivation? To get you started on your health and fitness goals. We together as your crew, trainers and coaches are here to ... read more


Ankorr is the worlds first “animate load harness”. It’s unique design allows the “anchor points” to move through 180 degrees of sagittal planes & 360 degrees of transverse planes. This means, that ... read more

Func outdoors

Located various locations around, Burleigh Heads. And run over our spring and summer season. These group classes are headed up by Jaime Martin & Aisa Rodgers, who are filled with ... read more

Functional Flow

What is FUNCtional Flow It’s an innovative 45 minute session designed to strengthen and lengthen, to move the way nature intended. The technique of liberating human movement, through a series ... read more


A class designed for children aged 12 – 18 both boys and girls, a great fun environment to build strength and cardio fitness, we use a multiple of training techniques, ... read more