Designed with Strength and fitness in mind. It’s the ultimate metabolic blast. Combining strength and High Intensity Interval Training, Func will have you ahead of the pack in no time.

The Ultimate metabolic blast session lasting 45minutes, in that time we will utilize or 3 energy systems Phosphate, Aerobic and Anaerobic. Designed to build lean athletic muscle, thru a combination of lifting weights and body weight resistance exercises, weight squats, squats, lunges, deadlifts, push ups, chin ups, monkey bars, box jumps short sprints etc.

So give time to your self 45 minutes is all it takes, work up a sweat with like-minded people and get those feel good happy endorphins flowing! The “Results” are more then just weight loss it’s lifestyle balance and control mentally and physically! What are you waiting for it’s “you against you” do it for you!

Strong muscles give you a mental boost. You feel more energized, and you feel prouder about yourself. Strong muscles require active living. You can’t get strong muscles from a pill, a meal, or an herb. The mere fact that you have strong muscles means you are being active, and as we have been saying, nothing drags your health down like sedentary living.



FUNC FITNESS has changed my life and a new found love of training is ignited.....
I have always been into my exercise – running, gym classes and bootcamps and have maintained the same body shape for years.. but I had always wanted a more defined stomach, toned arms and to be stronger.....
then came the challenge of chin ups and a new goal was set....... after alot of persistances and the motivation and hard work from the trainers at func fitness i have finally graduated from band assisted chin ups to full bodyweight 6 unassistanted chins very empowering. Thanks Func Crew.

Tara. P.