A combination of boxing, kickboxing, and a variety of HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuits. Total body workout

This class will tone, strengthen and build over all fitness and cardio capacity, elevated heart rates and sweating guaranteed !  Ideal for the person looking to build your cardio fitness,  burn fat, build self confidence and have fun in team a environment!

This 45 minute class will clear the mind and release those happy endorphines and increase endurance to get you moving in the right direction, Func offers 3 times a week to get you hitting and moving to maximise your chances of reaching your goal quicker.


Ricki Vale Photography (1812 of 2115)

This class is a great way to get my cardio workout in each week! the combinations of punching bags and kicking with kick shelids, spin bikes and weighted circuits, brings about alot of variety. no one class structure is the same, which is great because you never know what your up for. Awesome fun enviroment always a great way to sweat it out. Casey W.