TRX group training training is a unique form of training @ func and is the biggest of its kind on the Gold Coast.

TRX functional strength training and mobility work will help you develop a durable strong body while also assisting in getting the most out of your endurance training while also improving your muscular endurance. TRX can also provide a supplemental metabolic workout in place of a swim, bike or run, all the while helping to mitigate your risk of injury and enhance recovery.

Endurance training helps improve cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular endurance during any aerobic or anaerobic exercise.

TRX is the ultimate core experience, with no machine or workout bench to support your body. Your core has to engage and switch on to support you, thru every TRX movement. TRX is versatile from rehab regaining full range of movement again, right thru to the elite athlete wanting that little extra something to there normal training schedule which can quickly become very sport specific.

From gaining that extra strength for swimmers in there upper body and core, to runners for knee, hip and ankle stability. And this has proven evidence for our athletes that have been training with us @FUNC Not just for the athletes but also great for mums and raw beginners to exercise, as it quickly builds strength lean muscle and endurance with and overall body weighted workout.



The trainers have a way of making you feel like you can achieve anything and really know how to push you to your limits. The combination of TRX, Zuu and Funcfit classes have built up my upper body strength, core strength and my cardio – The classes are always different so there is no chance of getting bored and I get excited every time I walk in before a session!

Emma W.