ZUU Liberating human movement, The latest results driven body weight class structure, it is unlike any form of training you’ve experienced before.

What is Zuu?

A registered training style based on high intensity primal movement patterns mixed with strength and endurance of body weight exercises.

Blending old school methods, sports science, and proven techniques with new and innovative approaches, every workout targets all major & minor muscle groups while engaging both the aerobic & anaerobic energy systems.

Put simply — every ZUU session will be one of the most comprehensive, effective, and intense experiences you’ll do!

From elite sports and military, through to the individual looking to lose weight and gain strength, ZUU offers something for anyone prepared to commit.

Zuu is for anyone, but it’s not for everyone.

Our crew is made up of different ages, genders and ethnicity, but one thing

unites us – we never shy away from hard work.

From humble beginnings ZUU was created by Nathan Helberg as a response to weaknesses he discovered in himself through traditional training. Nathan was unhappy with the way gym and weight training had made him dysfunctional through joint range.

Although he was strong, it was only in set planes (ie. pushing in one range on bench press, or pulling in one range on seated rows). Outside those ranges he was quite weak, and even felt vulnerable to joint instability.

He identified through his experience (and echoed by others) that over prolonged periods traditional training can actually make you dysfunctional — your muscle groups and motor patterns impaired through constant isolation.

After all, the body works as an integrated system not individual parts thrown together.

Nathan decided to develop a style of training that wouldn’t involve weights or machines — but strengthened his joints, ligaments and tendons through FULL ranges. He also wanted to achieve a superior level of conditioning, so it needed to be a high intensity workout to burn fat and build lean muscle.

By increasing his anaerobic threshold, it also strengthened his aerobic and cardio system — effectively killing 2 birds with one stone and creating a time effective workout.





Being a bigger guy who has an appetite and can stack on weight fast I have had to train for most my life. Historically this was weights training and cardio. Which was fine until recently I asked myself, what type of fitness did I want? What am I doing this for? I wanted all round fitness, more flexibility and movement yet still having strength.
Enter Func / Zuu class, a new training environment... for me anyway. Group training to me meant no excuses and hard work. However this wasn't the case. Func's slogan is "You against you". This caught my attention as I see training as a personal challenge.

Andre Nascimento