Coconut Spelt Pancakes.

2 free range eggs
2 cups milk
(soy/rice/almond or low fat diary) your preference
I personally use zymol lactose gluten free
2 cups spelt flour
4 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp BP
2 tsp vanilla essence
whisk all ingredients together to make a smooth slightly thick mixture
pour into a non- stick fry pan to preferred size cook till bubbles form and then flip them.
Serve all stacked up with your choice of yoghurt.  I personally like Gypsland plain yoghurt/ or a natural greek style
top with your favourite fruit and pure maple syrup.
Organic coconut yoghurt is a nice twist and coconut ice cream from any good health food store is a nice weekend treat !!!!
Enjoy its my family’s favourite breakfast for weekends, birthdays and friends sleep overs!!!!
My favourite family breakfast 
Due to a busy work schedule of owning and operating FUNC fitness here on the Gold Coast, and extra curricular activties of my 3 kids, we dont always get to have our meals together, we always aim for either dinner or breakfast, breakfast being our main one to get together.  Sunday is one of the best days of the week to get extra time in the kitchen to make these healthy and delicious pancakes that the whole family love, enjoy and look forward to after a hectic and busy week.
So we had to share again due to popular demand.
Note- making your favourite, treats from scratch allows you, not only to know all your ingredients but allows you to control what goes into your food and essentially into your body. 
Why spelt flour??? 

A wonderfully nutritious and ancient grain with a deep nutlike flavor, spelt is a cousin to wheat that is recently receiving renewed recognition. Spelt products can be found in your local health food store year-round.

Spelt is an ancient grain that traces its heritage back long before many wheat hybrids. Many of its benefits come from the fact that it offers a broader spectrum of nutrients compared to many of its more inbred cousins in the wheat family. It can be used in many of the same ways as wheat including bread and pasta making. Spelt does not seem to cause sensitivities in many people who are intolerant of wheat.

Spelt has slightly fewer calories than wheat flour and is somewhat higher in protein. The flour is easy to digest but is lower in fiber than wheat.

The gluten in spelt flour is a little unusual. Unlike wheat flour, which is quite resiliant and often needs a long kneading time (with breads) to strengthen its gluten and give the bread structure, the gluten in spelt flour breaks down fairly easily.