Healthy Festive  Rocky Road!

So one of my members, asked me  to make some little christmas treats that she could make and give as little gifts to her children’s class teacher at school and for own fridge at home and family festivities. One of my greatest past times is to take a few ingredients from the cupboard or fridge and get creative.

So I grabbed some organic dark chocolate, a staple in my cupboard! I melted 1 block in a saucepan over a low heat on the stove.  Pour into a lined 20cm by 20cm pan and add some of our toasted quinoa muesli, another staple in the cupboard, made fresh each week. Gently press into the chocolate.  Melt another block or 1/2 a block and drizzle over the top and place into the fridge to set.

Once set, cut into bite size pieces, enjoy this little crisp crunch rocky road treat without to much of a cheat.

Toasted  Quinoa Muesli 

I used a bag of puffed quinoa, chopped almonds and walnuts, 1 cup of pepitas, sunflower seeds, gogi berries, cranberries and approximately 6 chopped dates.  Mix together in a big bowl. Heat oven to 150°.

Line a tray with grease proof paper lay out your museli mix  then add chips of coconut.  Pour over 1/2 cup of pure 100% maple syrup to taste.  Cook for 15 -20 min stir once during toasting.  Once toasted allow to cool on the tray pour over 1/2 cup almond meal and chia seeds and place in an air tight container.