As the seasons change, so does our food supply, I always try and stick to seasonal fruit and vegetables. As it is warming up for a hot summer season, I find my warm oats very hard to swallow, so I start to mix up my summer breakfast from cold over night oats to omelettes etc and now I have discovered and made this toasty crunch muesli that is grain and gluten free. Thanks to our beautiful member Tracey -lee Davies. Also great for a pre or post training meal or snack. enjoy
Crunchy Toasted muesli

I used a bag of puffed quinoa (any good health store will sell it), 205g chopped almonds and walnuts, 1/2 cup of each-  pepitas, sunflower seeds, gogi berries, cranberries and 6 chopped medjool dates, mix together in a big bowl.

Heat oven to 150°.

Line a tray with grease proof paper lay out your museli mix  then add chips of coconut pour over 1/2 cup of pure 100% maple syrup to taste i didn’t with this mix but you could add some all spice or cinnamon as well about 1teaspoon if you like or to mix things up. Cook for 15 -20 min stir once during toasting. once toasted allow to cool on the tray pour over 1/2 cup almond meal and chia seeds and place in an air tight container.