Project you reboot your metabolism, mind and body.

“Are you burning fat at rest ?”

An 8 week programme to reach to wider a community, looking for change and weight loss. Who are struggling to loss weight when you feel you are doing enough exercise and think you are eating correctly. But are you doing enough of the right type of exercise and eating enough to fuel for performance, recovery and ultimately fat burning?

Our Vision for Project you, is to create a supportive community, and guide them through their mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing whilst educating you to maintain a healthy maintainable lifestyle.

Before commencing project you we will be testing your metabolism, this will be held on Saturday the 24th of June at Physiologic 334 scottsdale drive Robina, 55787155 allow !hr for testing.

Your metabolism will be assessed both at rest and during exercise. This information will be used to give you nutrition and exercise advice suited to your metabolism.

Result session

You will receive your  Metabolism Report at this session. As a group the results will be explained to them and they have the opportunity to ask questions.  Your results will be explained to you in detail. There will be time to ask questions in a group so that everyone have a good understanding of the plan ahead. this will happen on Wednesday night the 28th 6:30pm – to approx 8:30pm This evening will also included Lululemon goal setting and visioning. 

Metabolism program

You will receive weekly metabolism sessions for 16 weeks. These sessions are made specific for you and is targeting intensity levels that is suited to your body to assist in improving your body’s ability to burn fat. Our goal is also to teach you about your body and metabolism so that you can use this knowledge in the future.

During your journey you have the option of attending follow up testing. This is used to assess your progress and see how your metabolism is responding to your diet and exercise. It can be very useful in learning more about your body but to also help you reach your bigger goals .

We will commence on Saturday 1st July 2017 at 3pm at Func Fitness 1/20 Junction Road, Burleigh  Heads.


bio scan

food diaries,


dates of events, (i.e. nutrition night, supermarket safari, fun runs, summit hikes, sunrise yoga)

As part of this afternoons activities we will also work on and challenge your thought patterns, emotional state and well being, core values, beliefs, goal setting and “I am” statements.

Week 2

Is focusing on Nutrition, this seminar presented by Jaime Head Trainer, Co founder of Func Fitness and Naturopath, together With Nutritionist and Ultra Runner Delina Rahmate, will

educate you on, hormonal health, stress and how that plays a role in performance and fat burning, what is enough food how much and when and getting around the fear and emotional barriers of food.

as the weeks progress, we will put together different events

reading food labels,

supermarket safari,

out door sunrise yoga,


lunch of Q and A’s.

A private FB group will also be created and we will post different motivational things, recipes and videos, and in this space they can ask questions share struggles and challenges that arise for them.

At end of week 8, we will conclude with a final bio scan and measurements and an afternoon where we get together and share results and experiences.

Project you, is a program not a challenge to just loss weight.  Our aim and collaboration, is to empower you to have a clear understanding and eduction of what exactly you need to be doing in order to get the desired outcome of your health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

Project You – reboot your metabolism & reform your mind and body.

8weeks programme.

FUNC FITNESS members $249 Non Members $249 + $45 weekly DD unlimited group fitness class x 8 weeks or payed in full $500 saving of $109.

Plus +

Your metabolism will be assessed both at rest and during exercise. This information will be used to give you nutrition and exercise advice suited to your metabolism.

Cost: $232 per person payable to physiologic on Saturday of testing, 24th (also claimable on health funds) –  information on health funds: Health Fund Cover

Please Note your Metabolic Testing is done prior to commencement Date of July 1st