Young Girls School Holiday Retreat. Guiding young girls to self empowerment, body love and respect.

As a young girl we can have so much pressure held upon us, stress of exams, school assesments, social life and transition can become overwhelming.

Join us for a day filled with Self Love, Self Care + Worth practices, learning how to take care of ourselves, use movement to our advantage and understand the transition in our bodies and life.

Learning how to move your body that feels natural to you, understand the transformation and waves of change, express yourself through mandala creations while connecting with other like minded teens. Additionally, learn the importance of balanced nutrition and indulge in a wholefoods lunch provided.

9am- Introduction

9:30am – Share Circle

10:30am – Intention setting

11am – Movement (Functional Flow)

12pm – Yoga

1pm – Lunch

2pm – Body Love

3pm – Mandalas


Goddess Goodies Bags; Wholefoods Lunch; Tea + Kombucha; Treats; Take home mandala; Self Care Practice Guide; Wholefood recipes;

PRICE:  $89.00  


Sponsored by; A Bit Hippy