Today we chat with Chris one half of the Wounded Pelicans, if you’re not aware of the Wounded Pelicans, last year they completed 40 endurance events over a 12 month period to raise awareness and funds for the Queensland Cancer Council.

This year the boys have increased the intensity of the events they are doing but reducing the amount of events the participate in.

Event 1 – 24 hour 400mtr track run.

Event 2 – 48hr High Altitude room challenge.

Event 3 – Mt Everest Ultra

Event 4 – ? (not released yet)

Chris has been training on TRX at Func for the last 3 months and has seen a huge benefit in core stability, range of movement and strength from the body weight suspension training we conduct.

Sit back and listen to what Chris has to say, about the Wounded Pelicans, and training at Func

Face’s of Func – Chris Evans from the Wounded Pelicans