? to eat or not to eat before exercise in the morning?????

If I don’t eat before a workout, will I burn more fat and calories? The answer is actually no! You’ll burn about the same amount, whether eat before or not, but the bonus of eating something before, is that you will be able to exercise harder and faster if your body is well fuelled.

Skipping food before exercise, can decrease your stamina and endurance and out you at greater risk of injuries.

Plus high intensity strenuous exercise, on an empty stomach can increase the production of the stress hormone CORTISOL, which can lead to the break down of muscle tissue, the exact opposite of what we are trying to achieve. Having a good quality snack pre-exercise is a better idea, aim for about 100-200 calories and a mixture of carbs and protein. e.g. – banana, apple and a slice of low-fat cheese, a raw protein ball, slice of good quality bread (soya – linseed/ rye or spelt) with natural peanut / almond spread. a medjool date and some activated almonds. So are you fuelled for your workout!

And post training is the next Question at hand. 

Your post meal or meal after training is very important as your performance is going as good as your last post recovery meal. This meal should be consumed within 20 – 45 minutes after finishing training, this is your anabolic phase (The phase of metabolism in which simple substances are synthesised into the complex materials of living tissue). This meal should also consist of carbs and protein and healthy fats. Carbs are our prime protein pump by stimulating our insulin levels.This is such an important phase as you shift the metabolic machinery from catabolic state to an anabolic state (muscle growth). Speed the elimination of metabolic wastes by increasing blood flow, replenishes muscle glycogen stores (ready for next workout), initiates tissue repair and sets the stage for muscle growth and reduces muscle damage and bolsters the immune and nervous system.

The next 16/18 hours (rest of the day) is the growth phase so your food choices should consists of whole food groups and clean eating, this will help to maintain blood glucose (sugar) levels, maintain anabolic state, maintain protein turnover and muscle development and refuelling for the next workout.

So the three stages to maximise results and great energy – 

1. Energy phase, are you fuelled for your workout (carbs and protein, snack portion)

2. Refuelling (the first meal after training reduce cortisol levels that have increased during exercise)

3. Clean wholesome nutrient dense colourful food for the rest of your meals

All together makes for a lean mean fat burning machine !!!!