Our head trainer and Func Fitness Co Founder Jaime Martin has been named in the top 10 personal trainers on the Gold Coast, and rightfully so, she lives and breaths fitness and practices what she preaches.

She has helped so many people not just physically but also mentally and emotionally, through her tireless work with clients on her self designed unique “Project You” programme and intensive 6 week project that can totally redefine the way people train, look at food as there friend, and to peel back all the stuff that is holding them back, if you want more information click on this link “Project you” and find out more.

Jaime is a big believer in only giving her clients and members what she has physically done herself and says if she cannot do something how can you teach someone else to do it.

If you would like to train with Jaime you can either come and join in as a member of Func Fitness and partake in our group training where most of the classes have been designed by Jaime or come and get some personal training from her or one of the trainers she mentors, just visit our memberships page to find out more!!