Angkor vs ANKORR
A girlfriend and I recently watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and I realised how disturbingly imaginative my daydreams become when my brain is left to its own demise.  Now there is little to no time allocated during Func class to daydream (I barely get a moment to take a sip out of my water bottle) but outside of class I’m either singing a duet with Beyonce, our #1 hit at the Grammy’s streaming live via satellite from Barbados (because we are recording our second hit single and couldn’t make it to claim our Grammy award) or accompanying Mrs Obama as her BFF during her visits to the inner-city youth as part of her initiative to bridge the economic divide.  When I was in Cambodia a few years ago I visited the infamous Buddhist temple Angkor Wat in Siem Reap.  Besides it being the largest religious monument in the world, there I was again, transforming myself into Lara Croft, leaping and bounding off the ancient ruins with my long braid cracking the air like a whip in my wake, chasing down the bad guys and leaving them for dead with my fatal looks.  If Lara Croft came to Func in search of Angkor Wat she’d be confronted not only by a few trainers doe-eyed over her beauty, but harnesses connected to resistance bands strewn a across the floor and connected to the walls – Lara would find herself at ANKORR. There are two classes during the week where Ankorr shows its menacing face, but recently I feel like there’s a conspiracy where I would turn up for ZUU and be greeted by Ankorr.  (This is known as the ‘Func Gump’ effect where class is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get when you arrive.)  What would Lara do at Ankorr?  Lara would be asked to strap on a harness and subject herself to becoming a human yo-yo.  Of course, Lara would make Ankorr look effortless as she bangs out the bear crawls and half-hindus, her kazillion-pack abs engaged the entire 30 minutes of the high intensity class.  Lara wouldn’t get herself tangled in the resistance band, nor would her braid come undone as she’s yanked across the floor, running against the resistance of the band as the trainer pulls in the opposite direction.  My Lara Croft experience is often interrupted by lactic burn erupting through my body – my drama queen yelps of defeat receiving no sympathy but a “commit to it V!” response from the trainers.  I am shown no mercy at Func, and neither is Lara.  Lara Croft and I are physically similar in many ways (note sarcasm) but in some ways, so are Angkor Wat and Ankorr.  Where the sight of the ancient monument is breathtaking, the training regime literally takes your breath away; where the strength of Angkor is in its structure, the structure of Ankorr strengthens its participants, and that feeling of awe and amazement I felt standing at the thousand-year-old entrance of Angkor Wat, is relived every time I finish a half-hour class of Ankorr.  That’s how Lara Croft would have felt too, but more importantly – that’s how V sees it.  #funcVmax