I have to say a big big thankyou to Gregory Dunn my acupuncturist and great friend and to Nick Hart PT my remedial massage therapist and great friend !!! For the past 6months for treating me every week and bringing my body back to homeostasis every week after i had smash it out at FUNC, particularly my shoulder! I’m not the easiest of patients as I don’t always listen and rest and recover when told to. I love my job and I love pushing the boundaries, and thanks to these 2 amazing health practitioners they allowed me to continue to train each week at FUNC with my crew, within reasons I know my body and how much it can take and I was listening. Weakness leaving the body! Right ….. A combination of muscle weakness and imbalance from 2 broken ribs last year, an increase in workload and some emotional lessons. Give it time and allow your self the time to learn the lessons and together with the help of 2 amazing practitioners my body has healed itself and I’m back stronger mental physically and emotionally. Once again thank you Gregory Dunn and Nick Hart PT #itsafunclifestyle #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove = happy me JM