Why did you join Func?
At the age of 40 I was diagnosed with a Meningioma Brain Tumour, I put off any treatment for two years preferring to monitor instead, unfortunately my little friend kept growing and I under took radical Gamma Knife Radiation Surgery on 14th Feb 2011.
12 Months ago I was scheduled for my second yearly check up, feeling somewhat depressed by the whole thing and having steadily gained 10kg I decided it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself & do something about it. So I joined this new place called Func, I had seen it flash up on my Facebook feed and thought I’d give it a go.
Describe Your Experience At Func.
From the very first day I was made to feel welcome & included, I was encouraged to try new things, training & fitness like I’d never done before, Surely I was too old ?? Never too old to improve fitness levels & positive thinking, the little negative voices soon began to disappear. Meeting like minded people who are all friendly with none of the gym egos was a pleasant surprise.
What Has Func Taught You & Helped You Achieve?
Func has taught me that I’m alot more determined than I think, I can achieve anything if I try and if I want to, you’re never too old, excuses are just that, excuses.
I have achieved my 10kg weight loss, through a healthy choice of clean eating & Func training , I love that the word DIET is never used and we are encouraged to refuel to become lean & strong.
How has Func changed you ?
I now have my positive attitude back, I enjoy waking up every morning and looking forward to training, I love that we are encouraged to eat healthily with Jaime providing so many fantastic recipes. In a couple of weeks I’m joining the Func Crew to take part in my first obstacle race, who would have thought !!!  I’m also well and truly ready to tackle my third annual check up, going in there fitter & stronger than ever,  my  little friend is still there but hopefully diminishing, I’m going in with a kick butt attitude !!!
I want to Thank Jaime & Brendon & the crew for creating this fantastic place we love as Func, it’s not just a gym, it has heart & soul & I’m looking forward to this next year!
Luvvy xx