Lose Weight the Right Way

It should be noted that there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to go about losing weight. While losing weight is likely to lead to an overall improvement in one’s level of health and fitness, implementing unsafe methods and practices can actually cause adverse effects to your health.

The goal is to lose weight the right way. It is Func’s belief that each individual that has set a goal to lose weight should focus first and foremost on losing inches from their body, as opposed to actual weight. The reason for this belief is that muscle, by volume, is more dense than fat. Hence, a person would actually weigh more if they replaced the fat on their body with the equivalent volume of muscle.

Since each individual’s body is different in terms of structural frame and muscle density, two people that are the same height may weigh significantly different amounts.



A certain amount of body fat is vital for the body to function normally and healthily. In fact, maintaining a body fat percentage that is too low can be detrimental to one’s health.

There are essentially just two types of body fat categories. The first type of body fat is storage fat. Storage fat primarily consists of fat deposited just under the skin or subcutaneous fat, and is used to protect the internal organs in the chest and abdomen. In general, storage fat for men and women is fairly similar. For instance, the average storage fat required for men is 12% of their total body weight and 15% of their total body weight for women.

The second type of body fat is essential body fat. For the entire body to function normally and healthily, a certain amount of essential body fat is required. For example, the average essential body fat required for men is 3% of their total body weight and 12% of their total body weight for women.

Focus On Both Elements

To do this you need to look at both your diet and exercise. You should not ever look for a quick fix or get sucked into tricks and gimmicks as these are often ineffective and sometimes dangerous. Your aim should be to develop a healthy attitude to your food and exercise. You will not lose weight without increased physical activity .Likewise; you will not lose weight without improving the quality of foods that you are putting into your body. Both of these aspects present their own challenges, and in many cases require dedication and a change in overall lifestyle.

While losing weight can be difficult, you must always remember that effort and changes in lifestyle will pay off in the end. Achieving and maintaining your personal weight goal is a life-changing event that will improve virtually all aspects of your life.

It is our pleasure to assist you in your weight loss (if that’s your goal) and most importantly overall health efforts. To this end, we are here to help you with your goals

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