My inner Fat Amy voice is telling me that winter is here and that I should be giving up this nonsense of active living and succumb to the idea of hibernation with comfort food, copious amounts of hot chocolate and Tim Tam slams.  If the cold weather wasn’t enough, work has seconded me up to do nightworks in north Brisbane.  Life is obviously challenging me to a duel of mind-games and in response, together with Funcmumma Jaime, I have retaliated and thrown down a gauntlet of training routines and fitness goals to keep me focused on becoming a healthier Miss V.  Over the last year, FUNC has kept my body guessing with different training regimes, pushing mental boundaries resulting in physical gains.  Keeping up with this trend I decided to take up trail running which was already a favourite past time amongst a few FUNC members.  Anita, our naughtyBritNurse-legs4Africa-supermum had found the Nerang Trail Run Series – five runs over five months progressing from 6km up to 20km, and had put it forward to the crew to see who else would come to the pain-party.  I winced as my name became part of the ‘seen’ list under Anita’s Facebook post and knew I couldn’t ignore it now. I decided then and there to surprise my body with something new, and registered.  Saturday came around and there would be five of us running the 6km leg.  Seeing as most were trail-run virgins, it would seem appropriate that we be early to the event location, set the bar high for ourselves, do some yoga stretches and warm-ups, possibly break out into a ZUU-style flash mob…I mean, how impressive would that be?  In reality, Casey, one half of our FUNC pocket-rocket duo had gone out the night before to party her nerves away, and together with her nerves went her keys and wallet. Once we had made a detour to pick up Casey and after a few illegal U-turns and deviations from the route, we gave into logic and used the Google map app to finally arrive at our destination with minutes to spare.  Runners of all shapes and sizes were already there warming as we collected our bib numbers and made a final dash to empty nervous bladders.  No sooner had we stepped out of the Ladies’ had the “ready, set, go” announcement come over the loud speaker.  There was no time to think.  It was like a Boxing Day sale at David Jones as we all reacted to the stampede through the starting line and joined the herd of trailblazers along the soggy clay path.  I envisioned trail running to be similar to a deer prancing through the forest in the Disney movie Bambi – each footstep a pleasant high-five on each rock it landed on as she bounced merrily through the forest.  Instead, I was in an imaginary moshpit, my high knotted bun furiously beating the top of my head as I my feet played Hot Potato down the slippery clay slopes. My arms were raised high in the air like I just didn’t care, the mobile moshpit taking me down a hill then up another.  There were inclines and declines, a kazzilion rocks, mud, tree stumps, the odd tree branch slapping me, a reminder to breathe.  Anita, Casey and Jaime had crossed the finish line and Jaime had come back up the path, as only a caring Funcmumma would, to push Vanessa and I forward to the end.  Miraculously all FUNC trailblazers finished with no injuries or face-plants (unlike a few others who had clay for breakfast) stoked to have the first leg of the series completed, and that Jaime had won a watch in the lucky draw.  Trail running makes things interesting for anyone who finds running on the road monotonous and mind-numbing.  It takes your thoughts away from the breathlessness concentrating on the next step you take.  Yes, it is getting colder, but that does not mean we go into hibernation.  Winter is just another reason for us to change tactics in our training and kick start a new way to exercise.  Disney’s latest movie ‘Frozen’ has a theme song called ‘Let it Go’ which has been played to death on the radio and slaughtered by reruns of the DVD in family living rooms across the world.  It only seems fitting for such a season as this that a movie referencing winter brings us a song about letting go. It is time to let go of the excuses and negative mind-frames, and embrace new activities and challenges, like trail running.  Winter is only a season, and besides… the cold never bothered me anyway. That’s how V sees it.  #FuncVmax #FuncTrailblazers #FuncFrozen


Race 1 done