Quinoa: The Super SeedHigh in protein and gluten-free,quinoa is a nutritious seed that puts conventional whole grains to shame.

Call it the seed that eats like a grain. Quinoa, virtually unheard of five years ago, has recently achieved cultlike status among foodies and health-seekers who have had their fill of conventional grains like wheat, rice and barley.

A complete protein that contains a trove of other important nutrients, quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) it’s easy to prepare and versatile enough to improvise

into your cooking repertoire — and into your high-vitality eating plan.

Quick and Easy: Tips for Enjoying Quinoa

  • Keep cooked quinoa on hand to sprinkle over salad greens.
  • Create a tasty mix of  quinoa, spices, nuts and beans — then stuff it into your favorite vegetables, such as tomatoes, capsicums or zucchini.
  • Use as a base for salads, or mix together with roast vegetables, ready for pre-preped lunches.
  • Cook whole quinoa as you would cook steel-cut oatmeal. Top with  fruits, nuts, cinnamon, and a drizzle of maple syrup, for a change to oats for a breakfast option.

Different Shades of Goodness

Called an “ancient grain” — like teff, buckwheat and amaranth — quinoa is the seed of the chenopodium plant, a relative of Swiss chard, spinach and beets . There are more than 120 species of quinoa, but only three main varieties are cultivated: gold, red and black. Which one should you buy? Depends on how you want to use it.

Gold — Fluffy, light and creamy, gold quinoa is the most common variety. Enjoy it as a substitute for rice, a breakfast cereal, in baked goods, and in cold or warm salads.

Red — Because of its slightly bitter taste, gorgeous red quinoa pairs well with mild, creamy foods like squash, avocado and soft cheeses. Red quinoa is also crunchier than gold, so it can be used as a substitute for chopped nuts.

Black  Black quinoa’s dramatic appearance belies a subtly sweet flavor and nutty texture. Crunchier than red quinoa, it stands up well to long baking times and pairs well with citrus and other fruits.

In our recipe today we have used all three colours (tri-coloured Quinoa), so we get the variety and great taste of all 3 !!!!

Serves 4-6 Prep time 20-30minutesIngredients 1 tablespoon olive oil1 medium onion chopped1 medium Capsicum chopped2 Garlic  cloves minced2 Cups of Tri colour Quinoa1/2 -1 teaspoon of paprika more if you like, i keep to 1 as I’m cooking for kids too.

400g can of crushed tomatoes

3 cups of veggie or chicken stock no MSG

500g of prawns 0r chicken

100g of fresh green beans

lemon, parsley, fresh chilli to serve


Heat oil in a large pan cook onion garlic capsicum till soft
Add Quinoa sir for 1 min
Add tomatoes and stock simmer uncovered for 15 mins or until wateris absorbed or rice is tender
Add prawns n beans cover n cook until prawns turn red / cooked
Serve with fresh chopped parsley n lemon and fresh chopped chillies chopped if you like it hotter.ENJOY