We are happy to eat bread and carbs, rice and pasta etc. But sometimes the bun is just not needed or felt like. Great option also for our coeliac’s or gluten intolerances, or your simply watching your energy and starchy carb intake.

Wool worths has great Turkey patties available 4 for $6.50 and Coles has great Chicken ones available for the same price. Nutritionally they ready well each patty containing 19-21grams of protein. Easy and convenient for quick lunches, easy post training dinners and BBQs with friends and family. either bake, bbq or cook in a non stick pan. Place on a handful of rocket and baby spinach leaves, layer on slices of cucumber, tomato, beetroot etc top with goats cheese, pesto and hummus.

delicious, colourful and nutritious. Pretty easy and straight forward #noexcuses

Add and egg poached or sliced hard boiled, heck add some pineapple and you have a real aussie flavour and fashion.