Created this very delicious, super nutrition and yummy green breakfast bowl for breakfast this morning.

When it’s raining I love nothing more then being in my PJs, cooking and creating in the kitchen.

What I did to create this yummy green breakfast bowl, in about 20 minutes to mind you! 
 with my trusty ninja blender, I threw in one bag of baby spinach  and pulsed.
• 4 shallots including the green part
• one bunch of broccolini roughly chopped the steams as well.
• one zucchini roughly chopped first. Each ingredient went in separately into Ninja and pulsed on low. Placed into a big bowl drizzle over extra virgin olive oil and a good squeeze of lemon
in a fry pan lightly toasted a good handful of pepitas, sunflower seeds and almonds. Then toss thru your chopped greens.
Crumble over feta, and place sliced Avocado  on top.
Poach eggs  and place on top and sprinkle over @tableofplenty dukkah.
We also added some bacon and or salmon would be amazing too!
So yummy and great breakfast option for Sunday breaky when we have that little extra time. #enjoy #inthekitchen #creativespace #jleighkitchen#wouldhaveacafe #projectyou #nutrition #recipe #funcfitnessfood#fuelforperformance #basicingredients #basiccooking #mumlife #family#food #sunday