So on the weekend it was our Func Ambassador’s Birthday! When we first meet Sam his Nutrition was not on point for his volume of workload. Surviving on watermelon, water, coffee and occassionally banana bread. Gels and protein bars. Entering into ultra races and relying on next to nothing, bars, gels, water, lollies and watermelon he would quite often run into some difficulties during the race and afterwards with recover.

Inspired by this incrediable super human, that he is and was so so humble and as far as to say shy to speak about his accomplishments. We quickly became inquisitive to find out morexnd with futher investigation, his stories of adventure, his races and his simple but postive outlook on life opened our eyes to a whole new world a world of chasing unthinkable goals, so we took him an offer of becoming our Func ambassador as we believe he stands for what our culture is at Func Fitness. We w Crewing him on his Ultra races, as these Ultra Marathons require a crew, for food supplies, water, first aid and runners for they long into the night and thru the days. 

Sam, is more to us then just our ambassador he is part of our family a mentor and big brother to our child, a friend and a son. its probably fair to say there is nothing we wouldn’t do for each other.

So on his Birthday, we had great pleasure in coming up with this well deserved treat with alittle cheat for a special occasion.

A “NO BAKE CAKE” or a cake in disquise.  Looks like cake taste like watermelon.

I simple took a whole watermelon cut off the ends, using the middle piece, (so there is 2 flat sides)  removing the skin, placing on a cake stand. cover with a thin covering of icing (stand vanilla butter icing mixture) quickly placing chocolate coated finger biscuits around the edges, sliced kiwi fruit, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries on top, topping with some hazelnut waffer biscuits. drizzling over melted white and dark chocolate. (easiest way to melt choclate is in a bowl over the top of a saucespan of boiling water, continuously stirring with a metal spoon. store in fridge until you are ready to serve.

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