Today I found these interlock able containers and thought not only do they lock together they are PERFECT portion size for my over night oat pods !

Hectic morning for me tomorrow so breaky prepped and kids too !

These are the sorts of things and recipes I keep you informed with, in Project you !
#4 starts next week who is ready to commit and invest in themselves ! And be ready to alter change !

1/2 cup of freedom GF quick oats @freedomfoods
1-2 teasp chia seeds
Somes nuts (walnuts and silvered almonds)

Cover with pure harvest almond milk (the only one with the highest about of actual almonds at 10% activated almonds ) another thing we learn at super market safari food labels

Too with your choice of yogurt I’m making my own in my easy yo at moment

Top with fruit I usually use fresh blueberries tonight tho was raspberry and sliced apple !

Done so easy !
Oh and don’t forget to make with love ! ‪#‎foodprep‬‪#‎kids‬‪#‎family‬‪#‎jointhecrewthatgetsresult‬