Why did you join func ? I’ve always trained hard and even started doing my PT so I was always interested in new exciting ways to train and I’m up for any challenge. I initially joined func because I really wanted to try TRX but later discovered Func’s other classes.
Describe your experience at func ? The first class I went to was a TRX class on a Monday afternoon which followed a Zuu class. I remember walking in when the class was all on the wall doing double pumpers and I knew I would be staying for good!  My Func experience has been one of learning, loving and training very, very hard! Everyone is so warm and friendly and makes the classes so much fun.
 I always describe it to my friends as a really big personal training session with your friends because it doesn’t feel like you’re training in the typical class or boot camp sense. I’m the biggest advocate for Func! 
What has func helped you achieve? I’ve always been a very shy quiet person and func has helped me open up a bit more and meet new people. I can’t quite say I have my dream body yet but I’m sure as hell on the way to getting it but more importantly I’ve learnt so much about my body and myself with the help of func! I’m also the fittest and strongest I have ever been!
What has func taught you? Func has taught me that the journey is more exciting then the final results. It’s taught me how to train correctly, how to eat properly and how to set goals. Its taught me to be enjoy every extra chin up I do, every step under the ‘ankorr’ I take and every kilo I lose. It has taught me to recognise small changes are every bit as important as big changes. It’s also taught me to stop comparing and start focusing on myself and to celebrate other people‘s growth and not just my own.
How has func changed you?
 I have become a happier healthier person in every possible way. My body has changed, I have new muscles everywhere! My relationship with my friends and my partner are better because I’m so much happier! My body image and my confidence has improved so much I just see myself in a new light! I’m stronger both physically and mentally and I can’t wait for the New Year to see even more changes!
I love my Func family and every single class I attend, even if I have a terrible day I know I will come out of the class smiling!