Our crew is made up of different ages, genders and ethnicity, but one thing unites us – we never shy away from hard work.

Founded and run by positive individuals highly engaged with their local community, FUNC’s crew is a reflection of all the efforts made to bring the best out of people around us.

Jaime Martin

Jaime is a true Leader, Business and Family women.

After finishing my studies in naturopath and having my first child 3 weeks before my final exams, I slowly made a down ward spiral into PND, my anxiety was back from my teenage years with a vengeance! But being a battler I carried on silently, taking on a new business getting married and raising our first born! At a young age of 21. The years went on and I continued to go up and down with my emotions and mental health, still breast feeding and pregnant with our second, we decided to sell our business (cafe health food store and my clinic) a decision I made to move back to QLD for my husbands career and the right decision at the time for my family and for me to be the mother. (the ideal mother I had created in my mind) then our second was diagnosed with a condition known as hypotonia, low muscle tone which affects her physically and mental she was almost 2 years old and that same week, I’m finding out number 3 is on his way (and yes still breast feeding) that makes pretty much 6 years pregnant and breast feeding without a break! And my mental health was spirally finally seeking help to save myself and my family. I continued on with prescription medications. I had lost my way, I had become that ideal picture I had created for myself but at the price of my own happiness and health. I had lost my identity and my purpose. I then was prescribed joining a gym 26 years old 3 child thank goodness a loving husband that would hold me as I would shake and cry and dry reach for hours on end every night. I found a passion and with the help of my Drs over a period of time I came of my medications and with a lot of personal development and healers and practitioners I became a person with a burning flame inside again. I seek further education into the Fittness industry and I nervously sign a contract to enter the work force after 10years ! Where I began to find my identity again! After a few years and frustrated with the industry that is suppose to be about health and wellness it wasn’t what I thought it was and I decided to make a change and to change and help the lives of others on a bigger scale then the place I was currently working. And that was the beginning, to start my own boutique training and wellness center @funcfitness_goldcoast and then the true roller coast of family and business started but I am now physically fit and have some mental wits about me ! Then @lululemonausnz a community where by they believed in me and saw more then I did at the time in myself ! And with their guidance and education! I am me and I have fought dam hard to get here and I’m still a working progress like we are all. But I am

I am Jaime …….. I lead with love, happiness an health in bring people together for better relationships with themselves and others, and for a better lifestyle, for wellness and happiness.

I am caring, I am nurturing I have empathy. I am a solution finder.

I provide an environment for others to train in which there is no egos, judgement and everyone can feel apart of something great.

I lead by example

I am a role model

I give my time to others I love helping others achieve their goals this is when I feel at by best self when I feel empowered to lead to give, and to be at my heart centred self.

With 16 years as a Naturopath, 8  years as a PT and passion for food it has brought her to where she is today.

Jaime is dedicated to helping people and teaching them to have a balanced lifestyle. She truly believes that daily exercise and good food is the answer. Both bring people together. This is the culture of FUNC Fitness. As the Co Founder and Head Trainer at Func Fitness Jaime leads by example, if she is not coaching or instructing she is training with the crew, or juggling family life and business. Focused on educating the community in mind / body, health and fitness, she has developed, the ‘Project you’ program. A program where by one gets to focus on themself and learn the art of mind and body health.

“Happiness comes when we have sense of belonging”…

Brendon Martin

Having played AFL at a semi professional level for 10 years, Brendon has always had a passion for fitness and has participated in numerous sports throughout his life.  Certificate 3 in Fitness accredited.

Having 3 children and 2 businesses, Brendon know’s the importance of leading a healthy and active life, with a high focus on balance.  In 2014 Brendon challenged himself to complete 52 endurance events in 52 weeks to raise awareness for Mental Health issue, and to raise funds for “Beyondblue”  which he completed without injury of fatique and attributes this to the style of training and conditioning he lives and breaths at Func.

Kirsty Whittington

After playing state level netball, riding horses and always being active in my younger years, I then had my 2 beautiful children and before i realised my weight had ballooned to the largest I’d ever been.

I enlisted the guidance of a personal trainer and as they say the rest is history and this is where my “life transformation” began. My newfound passion for health and fitness led me to gain my Cert 3&4 in fitness and my diploma in fitness qualifications. I have been fortunate to learn alongside some well regarded allied health professionals.

I am dedicated and passionate in helping all clients from transformations to higher risk and special clientele, and specialising in pre and post pregnancy training. I am focussed on helping all people reach their goals and am extremely passionate about sharing my experiences and treating everyone as an equal. Balance is the key to a happy, a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Roxy Robinson

Roxanne has been into fitness and active living for the best part of her life, and is a mother of 3 beautiful children, who knows all to well the importance of staying in shape mentally and physically, to stay on top of the demands of juggling family life and career.

Roxanne (‘Roxy’ known to us @ Func Fitness) as been a member with us from the very beginning,  inspired by the crew and trainers @ Func Fitness Roxy went on to pursue her vision and goals of working in the health and fitness industry. Gaining her Cert 3 & 4 in fitness,  so she could not only start a career for herself,  but to also gain the knowledge for a better lifestyle for her family. “Where the mind goes the body follows”.

FUNC AMBASSADOR - Kirsty Higginson (Nutrigrain Iron woman)

We welcome our Brand Ambassador Kirsty Higginson an acclaimed Iron Woman who is currently part of the Nutri Grain Ironwoman series, Kirsty has been training in our group classes as well as 1 on 1 with head trainer and Func Founder Jaime, to increase her strength and conditioning and endurance as well as injury management.

We wish Kirsty the very best for the 2018 series and can’t wait to see her compete to her best ability and hopefully see the gains from her time so far at Func Fitness