1 Why did you join FUNC?

I joined FUNC after I had seen a few friends like the page and watched a couple of vids of the crew doing some moves from ZUU. I was training regularly doing various HIIT routines I’d found off the internet however always found it hard to push my self and often found that I’d have a couple of good weeks then slack off for a bit and have to start over again – Although I’m not a fan of regular group classes I thought a group environment may be what I need to stay on track and keep me accountable.
2 Describe your experience at FUNC 

If I summed up my experience at FUNC in one word it would amazing. It has changed my entire perspective on health and fitness, which in turn has had a positive impact on my everyday life. I LOVE going to the gym! I have never pushed my body harder yet find it so much fun! The FUNC crew are like family. They show support not only during classes but also with everyday struggles – it’s truly amazing. The trainers are outstanding – I really didn’t think a gym could offer so much but I cannot imagine my life with out it! It is such a fun social positive environment.
3 What has FUNC helped you achieve? 

FUNC has helped me achieve so much! Not only am I the strongest physically I have ever been but mentally too. I used to just give up when something was hard – it’s so easy to do. But the classes are constantly challenging you as are the trainers pushing you to your limits every time. The positive encouragement helps me ignore that voice that tells me to give up and I always come out feeling so much better and so proud of myself.
4 What has FUNC taught you? 

FUNC has taught me that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. The crew is consists of so many inspiring people who all face challenges yet achieve remarkable results. ‘It’s you against you’ after all.
5 How has FUNC changed you?

FUNC has changed me a lot! I am so much more positive and driven. I also LOVE going to the gym! I can do things and move my body faster than I ever thought I could – and I look forward to seeing how far I can go! I’ve also learnt so much about nutrition and how my lifestyle affects my body and in turn am a lot more aware of what goes in my body and how much sleep I have.

I have also made so many amazing new friends!


I LOVE FUNC – it is a huge part of my life and am so thankful I went to that first class and gave it a go!

Kind regards

Casey Wilkinson xox