Why did you join FUNC?
I joined FUNC as I had been to some Zuu classes at HQ but I wanted to try it at a gym closer to home. I figured I would go to one class and that would be it! However, after the first class I was hooked — the positive atmosphere, the welcoming trainers, and the wicked energy in that first class kept me coming back for more.
Describe your experience at FUNC!
FUNC has completely changed my attitude towards training. I used to go to the gym just to get it over with. I couldn’t wait for it to be done so I could check it off my “to-do” list. This made me dread training — I was so bored with what I was doing! Now, I look forward to training! I absolutely love that every class is different and constantly challenging me to push myself. I have learned so much about my own capabilities and that would not have happened without the encouragement and support of both the trainers and the rest of the FUNC family.
FUNC is also helping me overcome body image issues that I’ve struggled with for many years. Being surrounded by strong, healthy, positive people who are not there to compete with you but are there to support you is truly amazing. I no longer train to “get skinny”, I train to get strong!!
What has FUNC helped you achieve?
FUNC has helped me achieve a new attitude about training and health in general! I have become so much stronger both mentally and physically, and I’ve had fun doing it!
What has FUNC taught you ?
FUNC has taught me that I am capable of more than I thought possible. I’ve learned to believe in myself more and I’ve gained confidence. FUNC has taught me that you always have more to give — ┬áthe power of a positive mind is such an important part of training.
How has FUNC changed you?
Thanks to FUNC, I feel much more confident and I am focused more on overall health now, rather than what number is on the scale. I cannot thank everyone in the FUNC family enough for their encouragement — we start together and we finish together! Every class makes me that little bit stronger and I feel ready to take on any challenge life wants to throw my way!