My name is Sam Weir, residing from the Gold Coast. Currently competing in Ultra- Marathons , Australian under 25 Australian record holder in 3 distances, also Cycling events. Member of Twin Towns triathlon club .
As a quick intro, My name is Sam Weir I am an endurance athlete competing in Ultra Marathons, and am currently train at FUNC.
This is my Road to success that could not be achieved without the FUNC way of life.
In July as of 2013 I was introduced to FUNC Yoga in the aims to help my flexibility and overall conditioning , as I was the only male in the class I said to myself “what have I gotten myself into” as I could not even touch my toes let alone my shins! But I was in good hands working on flexibility helped with current injuries at the time and to understand how the body works in movement.
Finally I was persuaded by Jaime and Brendon to join in on a TRX session before Yoga , I was intrigued as to how it all went , little did I know that I was in for 50mins of being in the hurt locker.
TRX was nothing like I had done before, it’s an individual mind game as to how hard you exert into the sessions depicts your result , but at the same time you know everyone else is giving it their all, so you become apart of a team all on the pain train together.
Results I have noticed, From the amount of running I was doing at the time due to events was over 100 km a week an over 750 km on the bike played a massive toll on the body. Training with impingements in both hips, ITBFS, iliotibial band friction syndrome, was greatly affecting my performance, so results came quick, as the vast range of movements helped recovery as running to me was just “one foot in front of the next”so TRX was a shock to the body in which I started seeing almost immediately.
TRX was the strength building and conditioning for the affected areas due to injury, Range of movement increased, Flexibility and also explosive power resulted from training, Main areas that benefited from this was in the stabilising muscle groups, particularly around the core, Hip Flexors also the Knees, in turn running posture corrected due to core strength making running vaster distances less fatiguing on the body.
FUNC has helped me achieve and secure 4 Australian Records in Ultra Marathons and 2 coarse records . But to be honest that means nothing to me. The most important and rewarding results have not been on the race coarse but in fact in everyday life , obtaining information and more knowledgeable understanding of nutrition/diet ,understanding what the body is capable of and self awareness of what helps me strive for success.
Everyone in FUNC have taught me no matter what your fitness level is, we are all striving for the same goal and that is to live a healthy lifestyle where we can enjoy everything that surrounds us.
FUNC is not about quick fab diets or the fast way to loose weight its about learning and setting yourself up to succeed as it’s a way of life . FUNCLifestyle.
Thanks to everyone at FUNC
Brendon, Jaime, Nick.
greatly appreciated.
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