Why did you join FUNC?
I wish it was like those informercials where I’d say “I couldn’t climb the stairs without stopping to breathe” or “it was that moment when I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoelaces” but alas it wasn’t.  I simply wanted that Beyonce coke-bottle figure topped off with Michelle Obama arms, and 30 minutes of casual walks daydreaming about it every other day of every other month just wasn’t cutting it.  So one random day a friend of mine had liked the page on Facebook, I got curious and found that it was near where I lived and booked myself in for my first appointment as a Rookie. It was the beginning of a beautiful love/hate friendship….
Describe your experience at FUNC! 
What. THE. Func. That’s what runs through my head ten minutes past warmup, with my head down between my legs in an A-frame position staring at my almost-kinda-notreally-apple-bottom in the mirror pumping out rock-presses.  A Func experience is one of pain and sweat and yet triumph.  I walk out feeling as if I’ve had a fight with The Hulk and I got a few good swings in there.  No matter how hard the task, the trainers make sure that I give it my all, which I have come to learn isn’t in my physical ‘all’, but my mental one. Oh my funcness does my body hurt afterwards! But seeing slight definitions in my reflection makes me go back for more.
What has FUNC helped you achieve? A holistic approach to life.  I did the Func 6-week course “To A Better Me” focussing on lifestyle changes.  I learnt a lot about food and that healthy food can be yummy.  I learnt that goalsetting for my career and personal life are also part of a healthy lifestyle. My relationship with KFC is now more off than on.  I’m thinking of going steady with Quinoa and Chobani.  In terms of the physical I used to like Fat Amy’s idea of ‘horizontal running’, but now I can actually run a lap past the KFC near FUNC without stopping.  My body is changing for the better! I’ll never be a size 8 but I’m going for the ‘Strong is the new Sexy’ look.  I can do full body pushups, and I am looking forward to the day when I can do one unassisted chin-up.  When that happens, that day should be made a public holiday.
What has FUNC taught you ? Func has taught me that it takes a village to raise a healthy, active-living person.  There is actual power in face-to-face relationships in a society where it is few and far between and virtual is the norm. As an individual there’s a war between Body and Mind, and quickly I learnt that the body can and will do what the mind tells it to do.  That’s where the  ‘FUNC Family’ comes into play.  Its craycray amazing – qualified trainers and regulars like me quickly become your closest friends and fiercest allies as you battle it out in the FUNC jungle made up of monkey bars, TRX straps, ANKORR vests, punching bags and the infamous carpeted ZUU arena.  Hi-five intermissions and back pats are FUNC’s special supplements that gets shared around in every class.  It’s this sense of community that I believe makes FUNC special.
How has FUNC changed you?
FUNC has changed my ‘never’ to ‘I WILL’, and replaced my ‘can’t’ with ‘I CAN’. There are still times when the old me taps me on the shoulder and reminds me of my daydreaming days.  That’s when I recognise how FUNC has changed me.  I’m learning to manage those thoughts and do it while tying my shoe laces to head out into the FUNC jungle.  I often think about how FUNC was someone’s dream that has become a reality and I am now part of that reality. That’s pretty humbling.  If anything, I hope that I can honour FUNC by inspiring others, letting them know that if a Beyonce-daydreaming-KFC-eating person like me can take up the challenge and change my lifestyle, they can too.