Well the New Year is upon us, and over the last few days we have been flat out planning our future.

We have finished the year training hard, Ro, Jaime, & Brendon all doing the final killer Zuu session of the year, while Booka went off in the morning to do some pre season running conditioning with NRL greats Scotty Prince and Brent Tate.func_training_gold_coast_TRX

New years day we gathered some more chain, painted the bathroom wall (the ladies, looks great!) worked on our website and then had our good mate Scotty prince back in for another Zuu and TRX session to get some footage for our website.

We’re quite happy to say that we bought in the New Year the same way we finished last year. Working on our plans for the future & training hard. We are focussing on our dream, and putting our plan into action.

Passion is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days, but I wonder if most people ever really know what it is to feel true passion. That driving force that makes you want to keep going and achieve your result no matter the consequence.

For every goal to be achieved there is a cost. The cost of physical pain, the cost of social life, the cost of money, the list is endless. But to those who know true passion these things fall by the wayside in order to achieve the one driving force, your goal.

In Denis Waitley’s book, the psychology of winning, he says that people will get more of what they think about most. We believe this to be true, as our 1 train of thought since the beginning of FUNC has been FUNC. But if our goal or your goal is ever to become a reality, the next step is the most important…ACTION. Without action nothing happens. Without RISK nothing happens, without COST nothing happens.

But the most important step is to START.

Take ACTION. Any action is better than no action. And if you are one of the individuals that are truly PASSIONATE about your goal nothing will stop you.

January 1st, more than any day of the year, there are people setting health & fitness related goals. Some waited for the new year to begin, some will say “ I’ll start on Monday”  Some will succeed, others will quit.

After creating an awesome facility, and putting together some great classes, our number one goal and wish for 2013 is that you will not quit and let us be a part of your health and fitness journey in any way we can.

Happy New Year everybody, from all the team at FUNC 🙂