Muscle soreness is something I’m sure everyone can all relate to at some point. Even if you have never stepped into a gym, there would of been a time when you were cleaning the car, carrying the kids or mowing the lawn where you’ve woken up the next day and had a “Why are my arms/legs so sore?” moment. Want to know why you get sore? Then read on….

12 – 48 hours after a particularly tough workout, most people begin to experience soreness in the body parts trained. This is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS. DOMS pain is different from the burning sensation you feel during a workout and also different from the pain you get from an injury. It’s more of an ache and stiffness rather than a sharp stabbing pain or burn.

DOMS is caused by tears in the tiny cells of the muscle that occur as a result of high intensity exercise (such as a tough ZUU session or a new exercise you haven’t done before). After the workout, the muscle slowly begins to rebuild itself (provided it is allowed enough time and nutrients to recover). This rebuilding process is what creates your new muscle that is bigger and stronger than before. I like to think of it like a sand castle on the beach. The waves come and wash away your castle, so you build it bigger and better in the hope the waves won’t destroy it the next time. Eventually you’ll have a kick ass castle (or body in this instance) that no amount of waves (or exercise) can wreck!

Your muscles don’t start repairing or growing until roughly 24 hours after you’ve exercised. A balanced mix of proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids straight after exercising give the muscle the fuel it needs to get the job done. Throw in a decent stretch, a good sleep and your body is in optimum muscle building territory!

FUNC beginners may experience quite severe muscle soreness after the first few classes as your body gets use to this new unique workout .The good news is that the human body is an amazing thing and your body will slowly adapt to the workload and eventually – your muscles won’t ache as much or for as long. I know I’m not the only one here who hobbled around for a couple of days after we first developed our FUNC class, avoiding flights of stairs and anything that involved lifting my hands above my head! After a couple of classes my body had adapted to the work load of FUNC and while I’m still stiff after a particularly tough class, a stretch in the morning and an omelette for breakfast get me feeling 100% again in no time. Please note that being sore is not a reflection of how hard you have worked.

Here is a couple of key points to remember if you’re a FUNC beginner or suffering from sore, aching muscles after exercise:

  • Refuel your body within half an hour of exercise with decent, nutritional food high in protein and amino acids such as an omelette or steak.
  • Stretch while you’re bodies still warm – we do this at the end of each class but if you know your legs hurt after a class, spend a few more minutes stretching out your problem areas.
  • Have a good sleep – Feeling tired after a class? Sneak in a little nap if you can and your body will thank you the next day.

For more info on how to fix muscle soreness after training or exercising feel free to drop us a message and have a chat. We have a number of different raw, healthy, high protein recipes if you’d like ideas for meals, simply sign up to our email at the top of this page and Like the Func Facebook page.